JW's and the forgotten Jesus

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    So as I have been waking up more and more over the past 3 years...I keep telling myself I'm fully awake and then I wake up more, but that's a different thread. But anyway, I've noticed a lot lately that the WT does not mention Jesus or Christ very much in their literature and neither to JW's in their conversations. They mainly talk about Jehovah. And when Jesus or Christ is mentioned, a lot of times it's a quote from the Bible.

    So I got to thinking. I wonder just how many titles of videos on JW.org are there with the word "Jesus" or the word "Christ" in it. So I went on line and here's what I found.

    66 videos in the Children section and zero on Jesus

    54 in Teenagers, zero about Jesus

    26 in Family and you guessed it, zero about JC

    112 Programs & Events, zero for JC

    86 Our Activities, notta for JC once again

    44 Our Meeting & Ministry and 2 videos mentioning Jesus. "Why Would Jesus Die" & "Remember Jesus' Death"

    78 Our Organization, zip for Jesus Christ

    58 The Bible, zero again

    8 videos under "Bible Teachings" and one video about Jesus. But it's the same video as above. "Why Did Jesus Die"

    38 in the Movies, zero for JC

    54 Music, none for JC

    116 Interviews & Experiences, nope, still none for JC

    And in our new song book:

    Songs (3 songs out of 151)

    Song#13 Christ Our Model

    Song#14 Praising Earth's New King (because they pump up JC heavily)

    Song#120 Imitate Christ's Mildness

    Obviously, with only 2 videos out of hundreds on jw.org that talk about Jesus and 3 songs out of 151, the JW's don't think much about Jesus.

    Your thoughts?

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    It's true. Jehovah's Witnesses have a purely doctrinal relationship with Jesus. They only mention him when they're discussing some doctrinal issue like refuting the trinity, or quoting Jesus' words to support some doctrine.

    Outside of doctrine, Jesus isn't real to them. He is not in their hearts. Only Jehovah and the organization is in their hearts. That's why they always speak of provisions made available by the organization as coming from Jehovah and never give Jesus any credit. That's why they call themselves "servants of Jehovah" but never call themselves "servants of Jesus" even though that term is also scriptural since there are multiple NT references to Christians being slaves of Jesus Christ. That's why they speak of "Jehovah's Organization" but never speak of "Jesus' Organization".

    For a group professing to be christian, they have a strangely distant relationship with Jesus - even for non-Trinitarians. When one reads the NT one sees the way the writers regularly mentions Jesus in the opening greetings of letters and in doxologies. JWs are nothing like that. They have a peculiarly strange and distant relationship with Jesus.

    I believe the reason for this is that they have grown oversensitive in their self-righteous revulsion to the trinity doctrine to the point that they don't even want to give Jesus any legitimate praise or mention him too often for fear that they might be viewed as worshiping him or worst - appear remotely similar to other churches in christendom. They have been over-reached by their own hatred of christendom so that they have deviated to the opposite extreme from the Trinitarians, refusing to give Jesus adequate honor.

  • smiddy

    The searcher points out that their are about 30 scriptures in the New Testament that admonish followers of JC ,to wtness about him and for him .

    Their is not one (1 ) scripture in the New Testament that admonish followers of JC to witness about Jehovah

    Jesus never used the name Jehovah , nor did any of the Apostles ,and not one of his Disciples.

    The KI ,word for word translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures ,published by the WTB&TS ,does not have the Tetragrammaton representing the name Jehovah anywhere in it , therefore that name Jehovah does not belong in the New Testament.

    It`s an unauthorised addition to the Bible

    If knowing and using the personal name of God was of such importance , you would think that Jesus ,the Apostles ,and his Disciples would have made a big issue abut it ,they never used this name once ,none of them

    As for Isa.43:10-12 , the Israelites never identified themselves as Jehovahs Witnesses in the 100`s of years before JC ,and that scripture was directed specifically to them , and JC never rebuked them for not identyfing themseves as JW`s.

  • Crazyguy

    Nice job doing the research. Freddy Franz was paranoid that if Jesus was given to much attention or whatever people would embrace the trinity. I also think there maybe some Masonic thoughts in the cult and top masons don't believe in Christ, early masons new Jesus was a created god.

  • Nevuela

    *Nada, not notta.

    Aaannnd I just realized how dumb that sounds. >_<

  • sir82

    In WT-world, Jesus is nothing but an intergalactic telephone operator. If you remember to say "in-Jesus-name-amen" at the end of your prayer, then your prayer gets patched thru to heaven's area code.

    He also happens to be king of an invisible kingdom which doesn't really do anything. So there's that.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The JW religion is essentially neo-Judaism in character.

  • punkofnice

    there was a time, as I woke up, that I thought the WBT$ was the anti-Christ and working for the devil.

    Now, I don't believe in gods, devils or unicorns (another story), so I just see the WBT$ lumped in with all the other crazy weirdo cults. It's just a business out to fleece money of those they can sell a lie to.

    In fact now, I actually see all of human society as a mistake. The lunatics have taken over the assylum and we let them by buying into their crap too (Clinton, Trump, May, Merkel and all those legalised criminals).

    None of this is real, I'm sorry to say. We live in a fantasy land, This would be a thread in it's own right. However, I recon people might think I need help.

    I do. Want my paypal address?

  • blondie

    When I did my comments on the WT study each week, I highlighted "Where's Jesus" in many places where Jesus should have been included but was left out.


  • Ding

    In WT theology, Jesus is:

    1. A man from antiquity like Adam, Noah, or Moses, no more and no less.

    2. Transformed into an archangel who is about to destroy the vast majority of the earth's population with fireballs from the sky.

    Not exactly someone you would want to have a relationship with...

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