Article: Philadelphia Inquirer - Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses to protest sex abuse scandals at Pa. convention

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  • flipper

    I agree with Vidiot. The most damning, dangerous video in the article is played by clicking the link about destroying all records of WT information that could get WT Society in trouble legally. There's a three and a half minute video everybody here should really watch showing the England WT Society record management overseer Shawn Bartlett giving an actual instruction class to elders on how and why they should destroy any damning handwritten notes, evidence, communication , etc. in elders possession because it could cost the WT Society as he put it in one instance hundreds of thousands of $$$$ !

    So any of you exiting JW's - here me clear on this - your donations were all going to enable the WT Society to be a criminal organization . WT leaders are giving these NEW instructions in training schools apparently to save themselves millions $$$ in child abuse lawsuits and are destroying valuable evidence that will incriminate them in criminal conduct enabling pedophiles within the JW organization.

    Can anybody say 1984 by George Orwell ? In that book the organization did the same thing by destroying incorrect assertions and destroying false doctrines by incinerating them in a furnace and tried to claim to it's followers that none of that evidence ever existed !

    WT Society is doing the same here. By destroying written documentation on child abuse cases they had, WT is attempting to purge themselves of any evidence that they knew about these child abuse cases in the first place so they won't be held liable in courts. It's absolutely disgusting. This is a criminal organization through and through- anybody who can't see that has their blinders on. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • former2free

    I like and dislike your comment flipper in that it’s very true I dislike the part that I’m still in it and can’t just up and leave without major ramifications but as you know I’m working on my exit plan. Keep up the great comments my friend.

  • flipper

    I totally understand my friend. I was once where you are. It was easier for me to express my pissed off attitude towards the WT Societies child abuse policies- because I didn't learn about WT child abuse violations until several years after I had stopped attending in 2003. Didn't find out about it until 2007. So I understand the dilemma you are in . I empathize. Take care bud, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Vidiot

    Since all this stuff has really been rising its ugly head the past few years, I've lost count of how often I've been left gobsmacked and knee-jerk-asking, "jeezus, are they crazy, or just plain stupid???"...

  • Doubter

    Do you guys ever listen to yourselves?

    Ask yourself:

    How can they destroy records on child abuse and maintain a child abuse database at the same time?

  • flipper

    DOUBTER- Ask yourself why your reasoning is all black & white. Either " this " - or " that "

    Reason on this : WT leaders can order their own appointed elders in these document destroying seminars to get rid of any incriminating evidence that elders have in their local congregations so as to protect WT leaders from litigation and lawsuits worldwide.

    But that doesn't mean WT leaders will follow their own advice with any information that THEY personally have on child molesters within their own legal department information. WT leaders trust themselves to keep and sit on that database file under lock and key - however - they do NOT trust the worldwide " brotherhood " of elders Mr. Tom, Dick, or Harry elder in who knows what god forsaken country exposing them to lawsuits.

    Thus the need for further damage control over elders who might squeal to news media, police authorities, etc. - just make a policy enforcing all elders to destroy any incriminating evidence in congregation files.

    I don't get how you don't understand WT leaders would require elders to do that- but they would not expect the same of themselves. The elders are under the Governing Body- what the GB says, the elders do. Even if the GB don't do it. Example : Many GB members don't go out in field service, but expect publishers & elders to knock on doors. Get my drift ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Doubter

    Wait, what?

    So to protect yourself against lawsuits, maintain a database of all the “incriminating” evidence. Also admit that you have it and that you store it at HQ.

    Don’t destroy it.

    Makes perfect sense, flip.

  • Doubter

    And it’s not black and white — it’s undeniable fact that anyone with more than one brain cell automatically knows. You cannot both maintain and destroy child abuse records at the same time.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    What Flipper is saying, and I watched the WT video also, was:

    1. Destroy any 'extra evidence'... like notes, phone records, letters, anything that can be used in court as evidence to support what happened.

    2. They are not telling them "destroy the fact that they were DFd" (although I would say that they try to hide WHAT they were DF'd for, by saying something like: "Oh, he stole something from a store (which they DID do), or they were smoking (which they did) or "they got drunk" (which they did) and then not mention that the person also molested a child.... After all, they are now 'disfellowshipped.'

    Like Flipper said, they do not trust the rank and file, or 'elders' to keep things secret. What if a wife found a notebook in her home, and read the notes about an abuser? WT does not want elders to keep any personal notes or evidence.

    WT does have a good knack for 'hinting' at what they realllly want people to do without realllly saying it. I am sure some elders will take the 'destroy all evidence' to the next level.

  • ScenicViewer


    You cannot both maintain and destroy child abuse records at the same time.

    Of course you can. Different records in different places.

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