Elders initial letters from WT When read

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  • Lostandfound

    One of my abiding memories of the Truth was after hard work for years as Secretary and then Presiding Overseer

    THree new younger 'pioneers' appointed who clearly wanted the position. Well I did not want it and could see the future chaos and self aggrandisement such younger ones would lead to if given , what they was as, positions of influence.

    Circuit Visit elders meeting with CO, I always checked which elder had worked with CO and likely brownosed and clawed their way up the appointment ladder. Sure enough CO always dropped in comment that clearly showed the rat pack elders were complaining.

    One time was a killer for me , elders meeting on Friday night ,in our front room. Out of the blue CO said several elders have complained that you do not circulate WT etc letters and keep them in the dark. Then he said to some of the rat pack in turn, "its true you haven't seen the letter regarding zzz from several months ago, and you,, indicating another brother, have told me you have never seen any WT letters since my last visit , is that so?" Rat pack elder nodded furiously while not looking at me. In all 3 elders noted by CO as thinking I was power mad and kept things close to my chest. Then he said " odd, is it not, that in the congregation file, you have all initialled these letters, is that your writing bro zzz " and so on and they all , all the rat pack had to admit they had seen the letters they complained about. "Well it disturbs me greatly that, 1, you did not take this up directly with the PO and even more, that you had so little interest in WT letters that you conveniently forgot them Even more so that 3 of the total of 6 elders go on recreation or holiday constantly for quite long times, together, and that is you lot with the bad memories"

    Odd that only the 3 older elders stayed for a drink of tea after the meeting,

    After the meeting in my kitchen he said, "never let those 3 get their hands on any position they covet so clearly". Average age of cong at least 60 age of these 3 around 28. Apparently their constant absence had been complained about to CO by sister working with his wife, who relaid every word.

    Most elders meetings with CO exhausted me, that night I was ecstatic

    cannot remember but Rob Schofield, wife Bonnie comes to mind. Decent, understanding human At each visit with him I tried to resign but he persuaded me to stay

    Some circuit Overseers ant their wives were thoroughly decent people, those that were not, ruined the whole thing.

  • Magnum

    It's nice to hear about some justice in the org considering all the injustice. I think I would have liked that CO and detested those punks who wanted to be big-shots..

  • OnTheWayOut

    I believed in all the crap Watchtower taught, so I wanted to be the School Overseer. Once I was, nobody ever coveted my assignment. They wanted me to keep doing it.

    I never desired more assignments. I never desired to kiss the C.O.'s ass to get circuit assembly talk assignments. There were so many others that did want them. I also remember elders who had their heads so far up their own asses because they spoke at conventions and assemblies all the time, that they acted like they could only go to a Kingdom Hall for a public talk if some in the congregation had a big gathering afterward so everyone could praise them for their wonderful talks. I went out all the time and didn't expect anything.

  • wifibandit

    There were guys like this among my peers at Bethel. Everyone knew who the ambitious ones were.

    No thank you! You can have the spotlight.

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