First Jehovah Witness talking about 1914 and "NO SOLICITING" money 

by TheWonderofYou 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • smiddy

    WHY , does the Almighty God even need imperfect humans as spokespersons for him anyway ?

    and WHY can`t the Almighty God provide the Gold and valuable things himself ?

    After all he is the Almighyy God isn`t he ?

    At foundation building sites in different parts of the world ,Oh look we have discovered Gold at this site ,Jah sure provides ,another site , We discovered precious metals that will fund the work at our site , and then another in Africa , Diamonds were discovered at the foundations of a building project , isnt it wonderful how Jehovah God Almighty provides for the World Wide Kingdom work ?

    Yeah right !!


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