4 Billion Dollars, does the WTBTS have it? Your thoughts please.

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  • zebulon

    Hello all. A month from custody trial for my little girl. I fight the anxiety every moment. Reading all of your posts has, I believe, kept me from losing it. I thank all of you. I read everyday about the tribulations all of you have lived through. I feel much comfort in hearing that the noose is tightening around the GB.

    Been researching the supposed money troubles. I believe, like many of you, that the GB have been keenly keeping tabs on the child abuse crisis. Most likely the most educated lawyers are laying out the "worst case scenario" spreadsheets, and the results of those projections are very bad. The organization is facing the beginings of a nightmare. The ARC, UK investigation, worldwide abuse lawsuits, etc. This will be worse exposure than the Catholic Church, why? Because there are only 1.2 million JWs in the U.S. They dont vote, no backlash from political people going after them. The majority of Americans feel they are not a real religion, a cult, not a christian religion. Americans are sick of ISIS, Taliban, extreme religion, extreme violence, and most of all, rape of a child. Once the news media ball gains full momentum it will be ugly. The US Government will react. It will take a few more years till that one big blowout year, when it will seem to be in the news everyday.

    What have the spreadsheets shown, what is the worst case scenario? History. History has shown what can happen when the shit hits the fan. Almost 4 Billion Dollars, 4 Billion is what hiding child rape has cost the Catholic Church. Most likely more in out of court settlements. (Google it, to many links to attatch.) Payouts to compensation, doctor and therapist reimbursement, etc....

    This will happen to the organization, its only a matter of time. Other governments will learn from the ARC.

    To all of the ex JWs, now is your moment, it is time to have your voice heard. All of you have been abused one way or another, I feel for you all, my heart goes out to you.

    Thank you. Rob

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Without a doubt, the Borg has to have untold Billions of dollars worth of ''assets''. Asset rich, but cash flow troubles. Many have mentioned that.

    $1billion worth of properties they are attempting to sell in Brooklyn, New York. There is a Billion right there. They need money to push them back in the ''black'' for a bit. Buying time, you could say in a way.

  • LV101

    Hopefully, their Heyday is over!

    I know they won't disappear -- actually, I don't know anything, but think they're headed for new economic times. Once property is liquidated they should be on better than ever street with their new business model but they probably don't want to live on anything other than donations/gifts/estates from the cult members.

  • smiddy

    On the one hand , they are continually asking for more contributions from the R&F , it`s not enough that they have forgiven loans to Congregations and then asked the same Congregations to pledge that same amount or even more to H.Q.in the USA .for evermore .

    On the other hand , they have a Real Estate Office selling prime real estate in Brooklyn for millions of dollars that is going to total more than a Billion $$$$$$ .Coupled with the fact they are also selling off K.H`s and asking the R&F to share other K.H.`s further away at more expense for the congregants in travel ,fuel , and time .

    And how many Branch Officers have been closed down and sold in recent years , the reduction in printing costs , smaller mags , the lay offs of Bethelites , etc.etc.,

    Where is all this money going is the question I wouId be asking the Society .

    The confidential letter that the A.R.C. received ,addressed to the B.O.E. in Australia from the Branch Office in Nov 2015 , regarding Legal and Financial people was very telling.

    The writing is on the wall for the WTB&TS , not only here in Australia but worldwide.

    Of course it may be a slow death taking a few more years , but death is assured as a Religious organization .with Tax free Not For Profit & Charitable privledges .


  • Finkelstein

    A fictional dream of the WTS. crumbling down because of pricey law suits due to pedophile cover ups.

    Not going to happen.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The paedophilia lawsuits are going to seriously damage the CORPORATION's finances in two ways:

    1) all of the legal and reparation costs involved in defending/settling claims, and 2) J.W.'s reducing/ceasing their contributions, due to their realising the purpose of Brooklyn's constant begging for cash.

    The contraction of the Corporation will continue unabated.

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