Becoming a jw actually made me a much more worldly person.

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  • lancelink

    I was raised a Catholic from birth to age 15, that's when my Dad started to study with some jw's that came to our door. I was too young/ naive to notice how my lifelong friends were slowly being replaced with so called " outstanding spiritual youths".

    anyway, there was Randy and Kevin, the sons of the PO from the hall, everyone thought that they were the most spiritual people I could hang out with. These guys taught me the fine points of :

    1) dating worldly girls

    2) how to drink beer and Jack Daniels heavily

    3) how to smoke, starting out with cigarettes, then graduating over to the finer points of joints and pot pipes.

    4) introduction to heavy duty porn magazines, and films.

    5) how to nurse a Saturday night hangover and attend the Sunday morning meeting and make everyone believe that I was a spiritual person.

    if their Dad ever caught them drinking, or smoking pot, ( which he did quite a few times) he would slam them into a door and tell them to straighten up or he would loose his position at the hall.

    one time Kevin came home after drinking heavily, his Dad backhanded him and shut the door. During the night, Kevin vomited while laying down and almost passed out.

    so in conclusion, this religion really showed me firsthand how much fun being a totally worldly person could be. Any other stories that show the shallowness of the religion ?

  • ToesUp

    I agree. Some of the witness kids I grew up with were in more mischief than the kids at school. Smoking pot and drinking were big ones. I never got involved with pot. Too much of a good girl. In WT land it's all about appearances.

  • scratchme1010

    Been there done that myself. That's how it was with many of the "spiritual youth" of one of the congregations I grew up.

    I have the feeling that you may have discovered/experienced those things with catholic friends too, though.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Not smoking or drugs, but certainly alcohol. In fact, the pioneer brother who "brought me into The Truth" liked a drink or two (or six!) Regrettably, I proved to be an able student.

  • smiddy

    It was far more common than JW`s want to believe leading this double life and that was back in the 60`s to 80`s ,so how much more common is it now I wonder..

  • zeb

    At one last convention I attended a scandal broke of youths who were well supplied with booze and were lapping it up at the back of the stadium.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    As a JW teenager I knew how to get away with everything. The object was not to get caught. As a parent of non-JW teenagers I realize how completely jacked up my youth was. The burdens placed upon me, compelled me to "badness". It was a game. I released the spring of parenthood control on my teenagers gradually. They are remarkably successful young adults. My spring was compressed until well into my second marriage and when I demanded its full release it wasn't pretty. I cringe for JW youth. They are all unpredictable messes.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    The object was not to get caught.

    Commandment No.11 - "Thou shalt not get caught."

  • Darkknight757

    Some of the things the youths would get into at my old hall were far worse than anything I heard of from non JW's growing up. They are so suppressed and told everything is bad and so naturally they are going to try it for themselves.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    JW kids I grew up with committed heinous crimes. Murder of store manager. Assault on school principle. Grand theft. Rape.

    Of course the adults in their life weren't much of an example. Murder, Pedophilia, child porn ,aggravated assault/vandalism, fraud, perjury, larceny, kidnapping, tax evasion.

    And the petty stuff like adultery, infidelity, porn, loose conduct, brazen conduct, (which covers everything outside of attending meetings and door knocking) a little casual and recreational drug use, including providing all the above to minors.

    Getting away from JWs was a revelation in itself. Learning that all other "Christians" or whatever walk of life wasn't simply spectacular because they were not jacked up like JWs was a process.

    "worldly" people are normal. The JW baggage we carry just makes us susceptible to the next cult or creature worship.

    How many have traded one cult for the next?

    Tread carefully, you've already wasted a bunch of years.

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