What the Elders Book Actually says about Suicide and Judicial Hearings for Disfellowshipping

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  • EasyPrompt

    "The Shepherd the Flock of God elders’ manual had instruction to take notes, sign and file them in judicial cases where the accused threatens suicide. This instruction was removed in 2020. Pic 1 is 2019 version, pic 2 is from a 2020 edition. It remains the same in 2023." (larchington)


    It appears the JWborg is just trying to cover their tracks so they don't get more legal ramifications. "Destroy the evidence" same as for CSA. There is nothing new under the sun.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    There is a bit of a contradiction there, and yes it does seem it’s just to cover their backs legally as they know full well the new book will be leaked.

    So it says if the accused threatens suicide it may be best to suspend the hearing to focus on helping him regain his balance.

    Then later the JD should avoid unnecessarily prolonging the case

    so which is it? Suspend it until he is no longer suicidal? But avoid prolonging it at the same time?

    The obvious question is what if this is what’s causing him to be suicidal in the first place? But whatever you do don’t prolong it as this will cause undue stress for the accused? Huh?????

  • EasyPrompt

    ExBethelitenowPIMA said: "I am an Elder still, even though I’m PIMA I love the Bible and studying the deeper things in there.

    I did used to be in London Bethel until the big lay offs began.

    I still have many friends in Bethel and go there every opportunity I can.

    Sometimes an older one needs to go back to Bethel I volunteer to take her, I love going there and seeing everyone"

    ExBethelitenowPIMA said: "I am an experienced elder, I have been in Bethel for many years and I suspect I know far more than you. As my name suggests I’m now out of Bethel but I go back there all the time. I was there at Chelmsford again recently.

    Can I ask you what makes you think you know so much? Have you only recently been out or has it been a long time?

    Can you tell me any Bethel Elders you know of on the service desk or on the Branch committee?

    You sound like you do know some higher ups please tell me their names because I probably worked with them for years"

    ExBethelitenowPIMA said: "The new direction in the new elders book is very clear. Absolutely no JD if there is a suspicion of suicidal thoughts."

    ExBethelitenowPIMA said: "This new direction not have JDs if suicidal suspicion changes everything. They think the elders talking to them will be enough for them to stop whatever it was and carry on striving to reach this high level that nobody can ever reach.

    It’s actually very comforting to everyone especially parents of teenagers. If there is a slip up just have to say the magic words “I feel so terrible that I’ve even considered ending it all”

    then nothing else will happen. No JD so no way disfellowship and no more shunning."

    ExBethelitenowPIMA said: "From now on there will be hardly anyone getting disfellowshipped as long as they know about the change"

    ExBethelitenowPIMA said: "so which is it? Suspend it until he is no longer suicidal? But avoid prolonging it at the same time?"

    The obvious question is..."

    ...Why don't you call and ask your buddies at Bethel since you're "an Elder still" and still go there "all the time" and you've "worked with them for years"? Didn't you say you know guys on the Branch Committee and at the Service Desk? Surely since you are so close to them you could just give them a ring and find out the answer to your question.

    Everybody else here already knows the answer, of course - they won't change the shunning until the organization is gone. They don't care if a person is suicidal or not suicidal. They care about money and power and protecting their image.

  • punkofnice
    EasyP - they won't change the shunning until the organization is gone. They don't care if a person is suicidal or not suicidal. They care about money and power and protecting their image.

    I have to agree with you.

    If they could get more money for the Governing Body(tm)(Pee be upon them), to live their gluttonous, sex offender protecting life by ending 'shunning', they might change it. Until the money dries up, they will shun whomsoever they want to irrespective of vulnerability because they are utter filth of the lowest order.

    It's just a big corporation pretending to be a religion to con money and assets from victims.

  • enoughisenough

    I don't see anywhere in the pictured paragraphs a" get out of jail free card" if you are suicidal. I do see "put you on hold". I don't see anywhere for the JC to tell the person to get professional help, but rather to look up various articles. ( maybe get pro help is in them) I do think the putting off a meeting is more anxienty causing and depressing than just getting on with it. I think if someone really wants a get out of jail card, they need to threaten a law suit.-that worked in a congregaion in Maine! ( one of the parites was an unbaptized pubisher so maybe that was a factor.)

  • EasyPrompt
    punkofnice "Pee be upon them"


    "They tore down the sacred pillar of Baʹal, and they tore down the house of Baʹal and turned it into latrines, as it remains to this day." (2 Kings 10:27)

    God will use the governments to flush those religious fakers out to the low place they belong.


    enoughisenough "I think if someone really wants a get out of jail card, they need to threaten a law suit.-that worked in a congregaion in Maine!"

    Are you in Maine? I'm in Maine too. I'm glad to hear that "threatening a lawsuit" worked for somebody! It didn't work for me. Maybe the guys "learned" from it, because they disfellowshipped me anyway for reporting abuse and telling the congregation - they called it "reviling and causing divisions." The HLC elder eventually stepped down, but he's still in the congregation that I am banned from attending.

  • enoughisenough

    EasyPrompt...I am no longer in Maine...but an issue came up and even the District overseer came in..a law suit was threatened ( I think from the the unbaptized publisher ) and it all got swept under the rug.

  • EasyPrompt

    Unbelievable - the hypocrisy of these guys is just crazy disgusting unbelievable. They aren't afraid of doing bad things, they're just afraid of getting caught.


    "They should assure him of the committee's desire to help him..."

    It doesn't say that the committee should help him, they just need to "assure him" of that help. But then they should push him over the edge by following through on the disfellowshipping.🙄JWBorg's Service department has bloodguilty killers with fancy vocabulary - they can't hide from the God they claim to represent.

    Jehovah will use the very legal systems they fear to expose all the skeletons in their closets and shake out all the dirt from under their rugs.

    Hey, WTBT$! Jehovah's got the governments coming for you! Don't you usually schedule a "Bethel closed for cleaning day"? Bethel's going to be closed forever when Jehovah's Cleaning Day gets here!

    "To take hold of the ends of the earth

    And to shake the wicked out of it"

    Job 38:13

    (To anybody still at Bethel - why don't you get out of there while the gettin's good?)

  • enoughisenough

    EasyPrompt, I want to add to what I wrote about the situation in Maine...The DO called it "dispicable!" and nothing was done.

  • EasyPrompt

    Yes, so the hypocrisy is this:

    The JWborg claims that it uses disfellowshipping to protect the congregation from wrongdoers, like CSA. But if someone gets a lawsuit and the JWborg thinks it might hurt their reputation, they'll drop the disfellowshipping.

    But then on the other hand, they disfellowship thousands and divide people from their social groups, family and friends for reasons some of which are not even a "sin" according to the Bible (like not agreeing with the GB) and as a result some have felt so isolated they've committed suicide or attempted suicide.

    The elders will say to those who are disfellowshipped "if we were in ancient Israel, you would have been executed."

    These JWborg leaders have shown what is in their hearts. They don't represent God or Christ. Jesus came to save what is lost. The JWborg is trying to kill what Jesus wants to save.

    Paul Grundy has a site called jwfacts. They are collecting information for a survey on suicide rates among JW members. Many of the comments on the linked thread show how awfully bloodguilty the JWborg is because of the ungodly shunning doctrine.


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