Merry Christmas Everyone

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  • DesirousOfChange

    We've been "faded" for years. We still have no interest in celebrating Christmas. I see people piss away money giving gifts to people who don't want or need the gift. It will be out in their next garage/yard sale. And many go do deeply into debt to do it.

  • smiddy3

    I sent about 8 Xmas cards to one`s I shared with a couple of years ago when we last did it .This was in early December ,all went to overseas and I`m just wondering because of Covid whether or not they got there or if they are still in transit ?

    Otherwise I`m going into deep depression because I haven`t yet had one response from anyone I sent them to and certainly not one card back yet.

    My ego has taken a real dive right now.

    However for the rest of you guys ,I hope it`s not too late to wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year , and i `m sorry I couldn`t send you all a Xmas card.

    Take care

  • jhine

    Oh bless your little cotton socks .

    No it's not too late

    Happy New Year 🎊🎉🍾.

    If you want to send me a Christmas card next year l would send you one .


  • GrreatTeacher

    I will say that the US postal service is beyond slow right now.

    Maybe people have given up and just decided not to bother because it'll never get there anyhow.

    I have a cousin in the UK who sent out Christmas cards in the beginning of December and we didn't get it until the week after Christmas. I didn't send a card in return because when would they get it? Valentine's Day?

    The USPS announced recently that they would be delivering out of area mail 2 days later than they had previously. And previously it had been bad.

    Some post offices have had so many employees out sick that they haven't delivered mail at all in 2 weeks.

    I wouldn't take it to heart at all if the US postal service is involved.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • smiddy3

    I am pleased to inform you I have received 2 cards in response to my cards I sent thank you guys. One a week or two ago and the other one arrived today. G.N.,and H.G.

    Thank you.

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