Do you believe in a personal God?

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    There may be a God, but I doubt he has anything to do with us now. I cannot reconcile concentration camps such as Auschwitz, which I have visited, and people praying before their meal, thanking him, who did nothing.

    Here is an example: Frank has a kid named Johnny. Frank has always been a very good dad for his 8 years old son and has provided him with everything he needs. However, Frank see's that his neighbor often lets his big bad dog move around without a leach. He’s concerned for the safety of his kid as the dog barks, grunts and even jumps over the fence from time to time! Then, one day, while Frank drinks his beer, he sees that dog jump over the fence and finally attack his son.

    Frank keeps drinking his beer, takes a pause and says: “I have seen your distress and I have heard your lamentations my son. And as sure as I am standing here today, there will be retribution for what this dog is doing to you. For I am Frank, your father, who will protect you, and this dog will feel my wrath and he will surely die … when I come.” And then, Frank keeps drinking his beer.

    The kid dies. The dog, after being satisfied of a hasty meal, goes home, to the horror of the mother who comes home and sees what has happened. Frank still stands around, doing nothing, vowing that he will bring about vengeance to the dog.

    What do you think everyone around will do? Thank Frank for the 8 years of being a good father?

    Sure, life is full of beauty and I feel the love. But there is no excuse for the holocaust.

    God saw the Nazis gather, talk, and plan out how they would kill his children by the millions. They used professionals that made engineering plans, passed laws, re-organized the government’s internal processes, drew new legal documents and procedures, not only to kill, but to steel everything that their victims. They designed and built the camps, the gas chambers, the stairs, the doors, the gas traps. Re purposed and redesigned railways. Dispatched armies to gather the Jews and other victims, etc. There are many things I am skipping here, but the point is that this was planned over, many years. Many years during which God saw exactly what was going to happen, then, saw it happen, and did nothing, absolutely nothing.

    And you’re going to tell me that God provides food on my table or gives a fridge to a pioneer in need?

  • cofty

    When faced with difficult questions like this theists tend to temporary refuge in deism.

    Every time they thank god for their food or ask him to bless their efforts to get a job or pay the bills, or to keep them safe, they make themselves into hypocrites.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP.

    I don't believe in a personal God. God certainly doesn't care about me personally.

    I guess his time's taken up with making sure Serena Williams wins Wimbledon, football players score touchdowns, the latest boy band gets a number one hit ...

  • talesin

    Agreed. "Suffer the little children to come unto me." (KJV, I think). Where are you GOD, when the children were and are being tortured, murdered, raped, forced to be soldiers? Pffffttttt! *shakes hand at sky* Come down here, and deal with it like a real GOD! Oh, right, you are just a figment of people's imagination. grrr

  • cyberjesus
    Read more science.... You will have more questions..
  • GoneAwol
    Read more science, and your selfish, masochistic, murderous, impotent, invisible `friend` will disappear into history where he belongs, to be laughed at and vilified like all gods like him.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Would it not be the height of egotism if you really believe that God helped fix your roof, or have someone bring you groceries, but ignored the cries for help from a rape victim, or murder victim, or the parents of a child with cancer?

    How could anyone respect a God that sees that they have a dry roof but let's millions of others suffer? Why are they so special? Should they not feel guilty?


  • talesin
    cj- how true! And that is what science is all about. In a nutshell, "WHY?" Good to see you! xx
  • prologos

    A personal God as outlined by Stephane Laliberte, does not exist for me either. but I feel there is nothing wrong to be thankful for existence, sustenance, joy, for it is a gift, though a temporary one from a possible creator.

    re: pain and shoa, we have the capacity to abate pain, great work. and why did not the mighty US air force destroy the camps, transportation facilities? they precision bombed industrial targets just kms away.?

  • Ucantnome
    Do you believe in a personal God?
    'personal God' isn't a term i'm particularly familiar with. I remember my son listening to a Marilyn Manson song Personal Jesus and the it reminds me of that.
    I looked it up on Wikipedia and as a Christian I probably do.
    Although I have to admit I'm a bit lax in saying grace.

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