Street-Talk with Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Vanderhoven7, you gave great examples of what people can say to JWs on the streets, except for one problem. All of the examples, except for one, you gave of JW teachings and rules are from more than 25 years ago - not what JWs teach today. Except for two of the examples, none of them were current when I became baptized as a JW. Many JWs would thus say the examples (other one) do not pertain to what the religion is today. [They are evidence however of whether or not the JW religion over the years has been chosen and directed by a true god.] Thus they are not direct examples of whether the current JW religion is religion is correctly based upon the Bible, but only of whether the older versions of the JW religion correctly based upon the Bible. It would be like saying the USA today is very bad because of the great injustices it did from 50 to 225 years ago but have later abandoned, such as: slavery, decimation of most of Native Americans [first peoples] living in what is now the USA and the breaking of the vast majority of the treaties the USA made with native tribes, exploding of nuclear bombs during World War II on civilian populations, discrimination based upon gender and race, extremely harsh working conditions in many factories with no rights for the workers regarding working conditions, very limited environmental protections (to insure clean air and water for example), etc.

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    @Disillusioned JW

    A valid criticism my friend. I will try to rectify that shortly.

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