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  • teenyuck

    The next segment is the dubs.....they showed a KH!!!!

  • teenyuck

    They did a great segment. Very to the point.

    They brought up the letter that says the elders are told to go to the authorities....even if only one eye witness is available.

    Too bad it's on CBS...the least watched evening news.....

  • DanTheMan

    That segment hit like a wet sponge.

    I'm disappointed.

  • kls

    Just watched cbs news.It was great.To bad my jw husband was not home to see it .OH, that's right the media lies,not about Cathloics only jws.What was i thinking.

  • Kenneson

    Bill Bowen, who was interviewed, says that there are 100 lawsuits pending against the Watchtower Society this year. If the W.T. realizes there is a problem as it claimed in this segment, will their letter to the elders to go to the authorities, even if there is only one witness, be sufficient? By the way, can anyone link us to this letter?

  • wednesday

    I started my own thread, did not see this one. Heidi came across very good but he redhead looked drugged. I did not feel they gave it much attention-really. Dan Rather said almost nothing. Not quite what i had hoped for. But the letter thing was good, Now watch some elders start to squirm. The wts will not back up its elders, it will leave to hang. they say one thing and do another.

  • DJ

    It is very hard to top Dateline's coverage. I don't understand how the wt can lie and then try to cover it by saying that the elders are instructed to report where it is the law. How many states is it the law? 13? So, that means that if it isn't the law to report, they don't think it is important? Why didn't the reporter bring that up?

  • morrisamb

    I think it was great. My Witness mother watched with me and she found Heidi credible which is saying a lot! She did say, not all Elders would do nothing.

    I liked how matter of fact the segment was..I just think it looks highly credible to see non-fanatical honesty about experiences.

    There is so much exploitive journalism ..too much...this was a refreshing change of pace!

  • teenyuck

    My phone just was my mother. She called to tell me about teflon and how bad it was....she saw it on the NBC national news.

    I then told her about the CBS story. She sounded confused and then decided to listen.

    She said "Jehovah will deal with them and they will suffer. I hope they get their dicks cut off and shoved down their throats. I hate molestors."

    I then told her of the ongoing stories that are in the news and it is very common. I told her how the congregation will show up to support the molestor.

    "Oh, they are as guilty as the molestor. Jehovah hates molestors. Jehovah will take care of them at armageddon.." She started to recite a scripture and I stopped her.

    I told her that what happened 5000 years ago has no bearing on todays society. What people go to jail for now, was OK marrying when you are 11.

    She agreed and dropped that, but ranted that the molestors and everyone who covered for them, including the society are guilty and deserve to be casterated and then fed to dogs. (her words....She is a loon)

    Anyway, while she accepts it is happening, she does not want to accept it.

    She did tell me about a bro in the KH who had all boys. He was caught molesting them and others in the town....he was put into jail and when released he married a woman and moved to Florida. He had 4 boys w/first wife and new wife had 5!!!!!

    My mom did not know if the former wife warned the new wife about the molestation.

  • Billygoat

    I was rather disappointed myself. I felt like the reporter didn't do much to "report" the story as a public interest piece. If you aren't going to explain why it's important for the public to beware (like they did with the Catholic story) what's the point??? Maybe my expectations were too high after a story like Dateline. Maybe that's why CBS is last in the standings. *shrug*

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