At what point were you taught about disfellowshipping? What page in the current study book is it covered?

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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    (I never was a JW).

    I think that the latest episode of the ARC taking evidence from Spinks and O'Brien (the leaders of WT in Australia) and the questions and reactions from Angus Stewart SC and HHJ Peter McClellan tell you all you need to know about the practice of shunning.

    IMHO it should be required viewing for anyone 'studying' or contemplating joining this cult.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said Joe and steve2!

    Yes, the org has masterfully and manipulatively made it seem that only "WICKED SINNERS" would ever require DFing.

    The facts are that many, if not most leave because they simply wake up to the TRUTH about the society.

    They don't become evil sinners at all

  • nonjwspouse

    NicL- I have been trying to "plant" that one in my husband's thoughts for many years. The stunners in the Bible are the Pharisees, not Jesus and Christians. Leaving a family behind is due to the family of Jews that will shun the Christian, not the other way around as the WT uses it.

    Joe, you hit that nail on the head. If only this would be more widely viewed. LEAH Remini and MIKE, we need you! Honestly, there is more than enough interesting material here for them to do at least a partial series on the JW.

  • Math2561

    hey everyone , I am really worry about what will happen to me now., I need to share here . I will be disfellowshiped , and I live with my parents...... I DONT WANT TO BE JW ,. I have finally woke up . I want to live my own life . is that what I WANT. I am adult and mature.

    question- What will happen to me now?? will my parents expel me from my own home, or we can live in the same house without contact. ???

    please someone answer me...

    My mom respects my decision.

  • blondie
  • steve2

    question- What will happen to me now?? will my parents expel me from my own home, or we can live in the same house without contact. ???

    Hey Math2561, you're asking us what will happen when you really need to assess your own situation at home: Knowing your parents the way you do, what do you think they will do? You say your mother respects your decision - that looks promising.

    It also depends how old you are and what "sins" you have committed - you'll probably know that apostasy is the very worst, although some of the sexual sins ain't far behind. You say you are adult and mature - but, rightly or wrongly, I sense you have lived at home up until this point and have little to no experience living away from home. Is that right? This could be your opportunity to do some helpful planning about where you could live. Are you employed? Do you have savings? These questions matter when you consider taking practical steps towards your own independence.

    Keep your head about you, won't you. Stay tuned to this forum - there have been so many threads from young people who have decided to leave and who still live at home and recommendations have been very useful.

  • Xanthippe

    I found out in my questions for baptism at 15. I got the question wrong. I said disfellowshipping was a punishment. The elder came back with the it's an act of love bullshit but I just couldn't see it. If I could I would tell my fifteen-year-old self, if something sounds like bullshit, it is. Trust yourself.

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