Being nice to LGBTQ people is an affront to god?

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  • Viviane

    This should be titled "Jerks for Jesus Afraid of Their Own Shadow, Sexuality"

    Seriously, someone thinks that a video on how to be nice to people different from him is an affront to his god.

  • wizzstick

    This will come up more and more.

    It's important their bigotry is challenged, all the way to court.

  • nicolaou

    What a prat!

    David Hall: ā€œIā€™m not judging the LGBT community ā€¦ But I believe tolerance is a two-way street,ā€

    But, but . . but . . . oh, I give up.

  • Crazyguy

    The bible says it's ok to rape virgin girls and unbetrothered woman. It's also ok to have slaves and if thier not Jews beat them to death, if they are a Jew you can beat them almost to death. If they die a day or two later that's ok. People need to push these facts back these guys faces!

  • Tallon

    I have a nephew (non JW) who is gay. Although I never shunned him I was never close to him either. I am not proud of my behaviour and have a lot of bridge building to do.

  • DJS

    We don't hear too much vitriol from the resident gay haters these days. And that is most excellent. Tallon, I regret and am ashamed of my views towards the LGBT community when I was a dub. I drank the kool aid for a while, but this issue, as I've pointed out before, was one of the big reasons I began doubting the bible, god and religion.

    It was clear to me that most gays and lesbians I knew had been that way from birth; then I realized that whether it is nature, nurture, choice or a combination it makes no difference at all. A god that judges these to death is not worthy of serving.

    I've developed many friends in this community in my 20 plus years out of the DarkTower. And to my theist fiends who continue to hate while justifying your bigotry by old scrolls written by long dead men, this:

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I often think of the young man in my Congregation (in the 70's), his Father a elder and his

    brother. All knew he was gay but he wasn't treated any different than the others in

    the congregation. This was a small congregation and all were very close, but I wonder if

    he was in a much larger congregation in the big city and if his father and his brother weren't elders.

    He played the piano in our hall for the Kingdom songs and he was good.

    The last I heard he was DF and never came back after his mom and dad passed. A very nice young man.

    My best friend was gay in school, didn't realize it until about the 11'th grade, so I distant myself from

    him. Years later I saw him and I was a JW, he told me kids thought he was gay but I'am not (he was very religious,

    raised a 7 Day Adventist). My class reunion a few months ago he brought up the subject once more and

    I told him, I'am not a JW or Christian anymore and my views have changed....

  • LisaRose

    He would rather be fired than watch a video on how to treat people nicely? What an idiot. Did not Jesus say of a prostitute "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"? If he is a true follower of Christ he should want to show the same compassion. No one is forcing him to approve of or condone homosexuality, only to treat everyone with dignity.

    Christians being persecuted because of their homophobia.

    Requiring people to watch a video on how to do their job is not persecution.

  • zeb

    Some gay women I have known are among the nicest people and citizens I have known as some straight women have known are the opposite.

    Jesus (Yeshuah) walked among the lowly anyone realize he must have known when some people were gay?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I wonder what he would do if he was required to watch a video on treating Hindus and Buddhists respectfully. They are going to hell are they not?

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