Dancing Cockatoo, Living His Best Life, a Lesson For All of Us

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  • Simon

    So this is a sad story, I believe the cockatoo was neglected after his owner died (relatives just kept it locked up and the cage covered) so it plucked its feathers. The new owners rescued it and are giving it the care, love, and attention it needs.

    They discovered that it loves to dance so they share these adorable videos of it rocking out.

    It reminded me what a great lesson there is for all of us - don't wallow in the past, live your best life now and enjoy your new freedom and be happy.

    Be like Griffi.

    Also, it has way better moves than me.


  • Simon

    How lovable is this little character?!


  • arwen

    I could watch that all day. Just amazing thanks for sharing ❤️

  • just fine
    just fine

    I loved this - what a cute little bugger. She can’t stand still once the music starts.

  • LV101

    So darn cute - thx for the great share.

  • Rocketman123

    Its seeing sights like the first Cockatoo "Griffi " that makes me think birds should be left in the wild the way nature made them to be.

  • smiddy3

    Your heart just goes out to these little guys that are so neglected but are the joys of life .I just shared it with my wife and DIL and we all loved it.

    I`m glad Griffi has some loving carers that takes care of him/her now.

    Thanks for sharing Simon

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