What if Jesus Christ was not put to death by the Romans but instead died a natural death?

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  • deegee

    According to Christianity, the death of Jesus was a miscarriage of justice. So then, what if there was no so-called miscarriage of justice so that Jesus was not put to death by the Romans but he instead died a natural death? Would Christians still receive the forgiveness of their sins and their hoped for salvation?

  • Crazyguy

    The whole death sacrifice this is just a passion play. In all reality there was no reason for him to be murdered. All he had to do is die perfect after being tempted by Satan to undo Adams sin. The whole thing is a joke!!!

  • cofty

    According to christian dogma god required a human blood sacrifice as a vicarious punishment for the sins of all mankind (or just the elect if you are a Calvinist).

  • prologos

    According to the talking snake story, wt version, even imperfect men can live ~ 1000 years, so a natural death of Jesus would have to be postponed to double that? he would be alive today waiting for his natural death and driving his life insurance annuity provider into bankruptcy.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Prologos: You are right! Since Jesus had been perfect, he had to be murdered to die. Otherwise, he had no reason to die since he didn't inherit sin from Adam and Eve.

    As for a death as violent as the crucifixion, not sure. He could have been beheaded like James for example.

  • cofty

    According to Paul Jesus had to be crucified to take away the curse of the Law from the Jews.

  • OrphanCrow
    Stephane: He could have been beheaded like James for example.

    But that would have made for really bad icons. What the heck would you hang on the wall? Just Jesus' head?

    Nah...the cross is handy - it makes for better art . A severed head would be messy and hard to hang on the wall

  • OrphanCrow

    I am going to share my isegesis of the Jesus myth. My own interpretation. And no, I don't have sources. I don't need any to interpret bibble myths. After all, my interpretation has as much validity as anybody else's interpretation of a mythic story.

    Jesus had to die and shed blood. He couldn't just die. The shed blood was really important. And, it had to be a male who died - the act had to reaffirm divine patriarchy.

    If you go back far enough in the history of human culture, early notions of 'god' and origins of life logically led early humans to conclude that 'god' was a woman. God had to be - after all...if god created everything, the woman was the best example of creativity - she made babies. She made life. Life came from inside of her. Ergo...God was a woman.

    Lots of stuff happened through the course of human cultural evolution and of course, we know that patriarchy eventually became the model for the 'divine'. The female divine eventually was replaced with the male divine. And the male, in order to be seen as the originator of creation, had to bleed. Like a woman.

    So, Jesus came to earth and shed his blood. For mankind. For men. He didn't come to save women - he didn't have to. Women already bleed.

  • TheWonderofYou

    A perfect man who sins can very well die. Otherwise the mission of Jesus would have been no test of Loyality.

    So if Jesus in his perfect state sinned only once - e.g. didnt accomplish his mission would be a sin (his mission was to be always LOYAL in the great issue and not to die as payment for Adam) - from this moment on he would have started growing old. So if he had not been loyal in just a single occasion he would have instantly began to grow old anyway and die a death of an unimportant forgotten cult leader.

    But if he would have remained loyal and would not have sinned and so accomplished fathers mission of proving loyalty with bravour, he shouldn't have died at all and would now be father of many children with a beautiful woman. That was jesus plan.

    Sadly the Romans wanted a harder test of loyality. They liked to test all crazy jews with thistlecrowns and torture and even tried lacerations and the test of cruzification on him to see if he was a real king.

    Jesus had had other plans. He had not calculated that it would really come so far. He didnt want to die, but he wanted to stay loyal and live forever as perfect man on earth. He had to stay loyal so what could he do? He had to shoulder this roman punishment burden also.

    If he fled and called his angel armee to help and free him from the Roman soldiers, he would have been a weakling but would he have been actually illoyal? Did his mission not only actually include Loyality or even loyality until death? Was it a loyality until death mission? Why should it have been a sin not accepting Roman death punishmentto? Would loyality really include paying the unique superman-price for Adams' guilt?

    God would have certainly disfellowshipped him from divine companionship but later he would have given him a change to return e.g. as helper of the GB.

    He would not have been better or more loyal than Adam. Jesus would have repented but had not commited any heavy sin - only that he didnt want to die and to accept a roman punishment - and so despite everything he would have lived for ever on earth in the end. He could even be a real king and turn over everything to make a paradise earth.

    But he didnt want to be an unknown looser for his followers firstly and he knew that his mission included going back to heaven anyway, so he decided to die fast, so he also avoided further tests of loyality and further temptations as well as big sins and could give his followers the hope of resurrection. Was not that a good example? He only had to way 3 days and he would have given a better impression than Adam. (I must be crazy)

  • TheWonderofYou
    OrphanCrows: And, it had to be a male who died - the act had to reaffirm divine patriarchy.

    Women are able to create new life out of nothing, they have divine power, childbirth is divine act,
    blood is involved.

    Men are not able to give a child a birth. So men invented the idea of giving people a better life, spiritual, second, a new life, called "eternal" life, they have to fight, they have to be strong to impress, blood sacrifice is impressive.

    Its only the eternal competetion between men and women.

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