Where do we rate WatchTower or Awake!

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  • dydeonwl

    I'm astonished to read that WatchTower leads the list of magazines and Awake! is in competition for ranking. Your thoughts are required in this matter.


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    Your thoughts are required in this matter.

    It was obviously written by someone from a different culture than the US.... I'm guessing Asian, probably communist or Islamic.

    "It is among most loved magazines of Christians."

    Yeah right! It is universally known as deceptive, not loved.

  • smiddy3

    But, we have compiled a list of top 10 most popular magazines of 2020 is based on their circulation and popularity.

    Don`t confuse the words popularity and circulation ,and I might add a word distribution.Now lets analyse it a bit shall we ?

    Now we both know its not the most popular magazine in the world,common sense alone will tell you that otherwise their would be millions more Jw`s than their is now.So what has this magazine based its opinion on ? Its not popularity and its certainly not the most loved magazines in the world among Christians , just ask catholics ,born again christians etc. name just one religion that would give a thumbs up for these mags not one.,so what is it ?

    Simply DISTRIBUTION ,they very well may be the most distributed magazines in the whole world and that shouldn`t be all that surprising .just think about it anything up to approximately 8 million people pushing these free mags at the D2D work, leaving them in places frequented by people in general such as bus stops ,laundomats ,and anywhere else people frequent .

    And dont forget about all of the mags that simply just get dumped because the JW`s cant place them and they go in the recycle bin or the rubbish bin.

    You have to read between the lines my friend to get the truth .

    By the way welcome to this forum ,stick around ,you will learn a lot here about JW`s I know I did .

  • asp59

    Seen tru the years poor people in kingdom halls getting stacks of magazine to give away om the street. You walk same street after 30 minutes and there are magazine all over ground. I wonder if this is base of orgs money issue. Maybe the ide with carts was for this issue.

  • alanv

    Anyone who gives away a magazine, clearly has a massive advantage over a magazine that has to be paid for. Watchtower knows that most witnesses dont ask for a donation from householders and that the individual witness pays for the magazines by donating their own money each month.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    IKEA catalogue has 208M copies in circulation. Does that mean IKEA is The Truth? :-D

    And I'm quite sure there are other free product advertisement periodicals that match Watchtower's circulation.
    Watchtower isn't really a magazine; it's a sales pitch in a thin advertisement folder.

    Imho the difference between a (real) magazine and an advertisements is this: in magazines, the articles are the product. People buy/read magazines because they enjoy the stories, interviews and whatnot.

    In advertisements, there is a product or service being sold. The interviews and stories aren't in there for themselves, they are there to push a product or service.

    Watchtower qualifies as advertisement to me.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    The true comparison will be LIKE FOR LIKE . Check out how many free magazines are circulated in the US and how many are printed with money contributed by volunteers!

    In my opinion the washtowel n amock magazines are just being dumped on people who further bin it, adding to the overly loaded trash in the world.

    I remember jdumbs saying they binned a load of magazines coz they could not shift them but all these are also counted in the circulations comparisons, dont you think.


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    IKEA catalogue has 208M copies in circulation. Does that mean IKEA is The Truth? :grinning:

    I think you have found the truth!


  • Vidiot
    dydeonwl - "Where do we rate Watchtower or Awake?"

    Just above "PrisonPlanet", but just below "InfoWars".

  • sir82

    Your thoughts are required in this matter.

    Wow, sounds urgent! I'll get right on it.

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