Just found out that my Mum is taking my 3 year old nephew to meetings!

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  • nicolaou

    To be precise, he is my brothers nephew but that makes no difference really. Mum is 71 and a true, hardcore JW. She's a good Mum but has a real blind spot where her faith is concerned.

    I know her. She'll fill that innocent little boy's head with Jehovah this and Satan that. His Mum and Dad have never been JW's and really wouldn't understand the issues but his Grandad and I do! (Me and my brother)

    If that little boy suffers the same nightmares I used to as a kid I will never forgive her. I'm not sure my brother even knows this is happening, I'll be calling him later. Not really asking for advice, I am going to tackle this, but I have to do it calmly and that's not easy for me.

    I'm spitting feathers right now

  • freddo

    Just calmly explain there is a dark side to this religion even if Granny is lovely. Emphasize it messes with kids heads. And any local congregation paedo will not be pointed out to Granny either.

    Despite gran's protestations to the contrary - in among the dancing trolley carts and happy smiley people he will be subtly taught that the downside to his living with Pandas in paradise is that all his kiddie friends will die at Armageddon. And his non JW family ...

  • stephanie61092
    I knew a family once where one of the (adult) daughters married a non JW and had a couple kids. Her life went down south and she attributed it to being "out of the truth." Not the fact that she had legitimate health problems and married a loser. anyway, she allowed her mother to take the kids to go to meetings. It wasn't long before the daughter started coming home and saying "Daddy, if you dont love Jehovah, you're gonna die!!" You can imagine how well that went over and how much longer the kids were allowed to go to meetings.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My son and his ex-wife made it very clear to their moms, they told both moms we know

    you love your grandson but if you take him to the meetings while in you care he will not spend

    another night ever in your home. My son and his ex wife both raised in organization.

    My grandson is 20 years old , he was five years old the last time he set foot in the KH and today

    he has great relationship with his grandmothers.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my dub ex wife and i had 3 kids. we shared a very large home with her mother.

    mother was a die hard rutherfordite. in fact--i'm sure she would have eaten one of his turds in a bread roll if shed had the chance.

    i came home one day and she was filling my kids heads with demons and spooks and stuff.

    words were exchanged.

  • GrreatTeacher

    We had this issue when my son was younger. I went to visit my mom and I found a tot sized suit in a closet! This means she knew I would be unhappy because she hid it.

    I took the opportunity to ask my parents if they had heard about Candace Conti and the trial that alleged that child abusers were left to run amuck in KHs without the elders being allowed to tell the publishers of their past.

    They hadn't heard, but I told them to look it up and see if it wasn't true, but in the meantime, my son was not to go with them to the Kingdom Hall. I never heard back from them anything about it.

    Funny, but recently my son was getting dressed up to go to a school dance. He said it reminded him of when he was little and his grandmother made him dress up to go the the Hall. He said he hated it. He liked talking to people before and after the meeting, but he hated how boring the meeting itself was.


  • nicolaou

    Thanks for sharing your experiences guys. This sense of entitlement JW's have to indoctrinate the children of their relatives is insidious and has to be confronted every time.

    My day off work is Thursday, wish me luck . . .

  • zeb

    'old' sisters have to be the pits in this regard.

    For many years they have not had to work , go look for work, face daily traffic for work, deal with banks mortgages or worst of all... think.

  • pbrow

    Go get em nic!

    The good news is that your nephew is not completely encased in the bubble like you and I were. Jehovah this and Satan that was all we knew and that is what makes the dubs powerful. I know you said its not your kid but the mental capacity of your average 10 year old (especially with the encouragement of his uncle) is enough to keep this little shaver out of the cult. Help him reason and not to mention inform his parents and you will be good to go!

    I also read the post about your brother and I feel a distinct kinship with you because of that story although mine is still in.

    Good luck,


  • tiki
    Zeb is right...having nothing in life but housework and that religion produces extreme tunnel vision. And these deluded souls sincerely believe they must save their grandkids for panda paradise....

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