Howto: get access to scientific papers

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  • OrphanCrow

    Anders, I have been working on that topic for a long time. Bulky material.

    Here is a little tidbit to start:

    The 1981 article by Dixon/Smalley makes this statement:

    Also, if a recently developed fluorinated blood substitute (Fluosol-DA) proves to be safe and effective, its use will not conflict with Witness beliefs.

    Fluosol-DA had already been tested on Jehovah's Witnesses at this point (1979). That project - the testing of Fluosol-DA on human subjects - had been spearheaded by Ron Lapin and his JW cohorts. The Watchtower had already arranged the trials using JW subjects at the time this article was written. That is why the statement that "...if...Fluosol-DA proves to be safe and effective" is a really misleading statement - it already was being used on JWs. The Fluosol-DA would later be pulled off the market by the FDA.

  • jwleaks

    OrphanCrow: even through a university medical library with full paid access I cannot get a copy of the document. ???

    Keep in mind it is not a research article but an essay despite who the author is.

  • OrphanCrow

    Thanks for trying, jwleaks. Some papers just aren't available digitally. That must be one of them

    The article was cited in a paper on this thread:

    I was interested in "the psychological distress of members of the multidisciplinary team caring for the patient has been poignantly described (Boggs, 1985). Watching a patient becoming blind, dying of epistaxis or struggling with air hunger while the remedy is close at hand but forbidden is hard."

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