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  • oppostate

    I had a chance last weekend to talk with an elder I used to serve with. A very kind hearted and understanding elder, always showing sympathy and concern for others, looking out for the little guy, the downtrodden and oppressed, even willing to stand up to uncaring company-men CO's

    He was PO way back then and became the COBE in the new re-0rg, until, that is, the GB came out with the age limit. He's mid-80's today, but still sharp as ever mentally if but slower physically, and still a member of the local BOE.

    I'd noticed some of his comments had been a bit off from the jw-mindset, and more encouraging of Christian qualities, less 0rganizational.

    This chance to talk with him I decided to sound him out a bit to see to what extent he might be awakened.

    We spoke for a while, he was obviously very careful and thoughtful in how he expressed things. One phrase that hit me with sudden realization is that he feels he now "doesn't have all the pieces of the puzzle". Meaning he was so sure in years before, and that everything made sense to him, but now the picture is missing a lot of pieces, pieces in the puzzle. It turns out he'd written a fourteen page letter some time ago to HQ regarding child molestation and organizational policies regarding pedophilia cases.

    The HQ sicced the CO on him but not for calling into question how to handle these cases locally, but for involving the WT in the inter-congregational mess a pioneer ex-bethelite ("his own grandson"), who'd been DF'ed for sexually abusing his much younger cousin, who was then reinstated, and who now had been appointed as an MS in another congregation had brought about when the victim's father, an elder himself, had raised objections on the appointment and ended up "stepping-down".

    Whatever connections this MS has at Bethel, they were strong enough to make all the guidelines and rules about not appointing offenders be overlooked, this former COBE was bowled-over, shocked that HQ would go along with this. The offending guy is now giving public talks in congregations in another circuit. He and his new wife get to travel to Panama to "help out" in the preaching work during their warm vacations from wintry New England, and even attend International Conventions.

    There's a jewelry/diamond business in that family with NY connections. Does this have anything to do with the 0rganizational shenanigans that went on and that this COBE took objection with? At that, his only response was to assert that he feels he now is missing some pieces of the puzzle.

  • NeverKnew

    These are the types of things that may contribute to multiple people's awakening amongst those that know the real story.

    C'mon WTS - keep making these calls. It's only getting worse for you.

  • DesirousOfChange

    At WTS it's NOT who ya know, it's WHO KNOWS YOU (by how much money you donate).


  • careful
    This is the same phrase one of the inactive bros. in whom I confide about the org's corruption uses! I can't see how they can know one another since this friend has cut off all contacts except relatives, all female.
  • brandnew


    Mad Puppy

  • TTATT_Paladin
    He got a chance to learn firsthand what the WT organization did about pedophilia in general, and then he saw on a personal level how the middle and lower management dealt with it locally. Anyone with any thirst for the real truth can see something's not adding up, based on the Society's handling of the pedophilia issues on all levels. There is NO way to reconcile WT organization's policies with decent behavior.
  • joe134cd
    OMG So is he under the impression that this situation is just a one off that is unique to his family, or dose he know the full extent of it. If that is the case then I suggest you say nothing and let him keep believing what a loving Org he is in. If he woke up now and was Dfed for apostasy that would literally kill him. Delusional yes but he has got a support net work a social circle and that type of guy is better off left in there. Theocratic warfare my friend theocratic warfare.
  • Hecce
    A lot of the older brothers have their "chariots" parked in neutral.
  • eyeuse2badub

    The 'older ones' that are still dubs and have been dubs since the 40's and 50's and are still here suffering from old age problems surely must be thinking "WTF"! I surely would be If I were still a dub but, eyeuse2badub.

    just saying!


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