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by Leopold theseconed 3 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Leopold theseconed
    Leopold theseconed

    I am looking for a article that appeared with in the last 15 years or so. I can’t remember much other than there was a drawing of a young man climbing out of a hole in the ground. Not much info but if that joggs a memory with someone I would appreciate knowing more about it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • stillin

    I remember the picture. Thank God, my mind blocked out the words.

    Or am I thinking of a picture that was supposed to show how man came from "dust?"

  • Lisa

    Hello Leopold, Have you ever been on JW.survey, ran by lloyd Evens,( John Ceders), ex Elder. He may know. He collects alot of information, he may know. Hes very informative. Hope that may help.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Is this the one you're after? If so, it's from the Aug 15 2012 Watchtower. If not, perhaps you could provide some more information, the title perhaps, or at least what the article was about.

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