The Morning Star was given me last year - 'hidden manna' now available for your review

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  • JohnRossStar
    Hi - quite the introduction, huh? So the 'morning star' is Christ himself and he has guided my thinking and studies to uncover where exactly the WTB&TS went off track, offending Jehovah greatly and causing him to 'abandon his sanctuary'.
    I've posted the information on Reddit JWexWatchtower - please study the articles carefully and put them to the test versus scripture.
    Indications are that the Watchtower will be exposed very soon, leading to its demise. I believe the process is already started and of course heavily involves the CSA stuff.
    The Decoration is a row of pines that Jah has used to underscore main prophetic themes by the use of artwork. It's quite a trip looking at Christ' face every night.
    Christ briefly spoke to me early last year and my enlightenment began at that point, albeit rather slowly. I was given the 'key of the abyss' in 1985 and only recently realized its importance. It provided a time-stamp to know where to start looking for the trouble...the rest of the interpretations of prophecy thereafter, fell out in a logical sequence.
    This info is to help you know what actions to take to be found in a right condition as 'great tribulation' will soon be quite obvious; to "be found finally spotless, unblemished and in peace." and receive rescue out of the GT.
    I provide abundant evidence and scriptural proof that the Governing Body are 100% illegitimate, being non-anointed and Christ is determined to unseat them, and soon.
    I won't bother the group with anymore posts, unless asked.
    Reddit JWexWatchtower
    This is the big one folks - we'll be in the thick of it much sooner than you can imagine.
    You now have a lifeline.
  • Simon

    Great, another nutter that thinks a fictional character from a book is really talking to him ...

  • ThomasMore

    I do have a question John and hope you can answer.

    What medication were you taking up until recently?

  • Jehalapeno

    Lucifer Morningstar is who I follow. 😈

  • Atlantis

    They are doing wonderful things in therapy these days!


  • vienne

    Another mental health case. Not the first to show up here. Wont be the last.

  • vienne

    when not believing himself a prophet he thinks he's sherlock holmes.

  • slimboyfat
    When I saw the “Morning Star” heading I thought I might open it to read about the imminent collapse of capitalism from a comrade.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Morning Star, blah, blah, what?

    To me, The Morning Star is a shitty little communist rag with a circulation of about 500, lol ...

  • ozziepost
    This is the big one folks - we'll be in the thick of it much sooner than you can imagine.
    You now have a lifeline.

    Would this be Stephen Lett in disquise?

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