Creation account is the creation of Moses

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  • smiddy

    The so called validation of the Christian Gospels is because of the eyewitness accounts of those related to the events that are written to have occured ,by either first hand or second hand witnesses.

    We have no such validation of the Creation account only by someone so far removed from the event being more than 2000 years after the event

    How reliable would that testimony be in a court of law ?

    And their is no previous account that Moses refers to where he basis his knowledge on , in other words we are supposed to believe that jehovah God did not give any human information or knowledge about his creation until 2000 years after he had done so.? Not even to "Noah who found favour in the eyes of the Lord" ?

  • venus


    That is a valid question—why could not have the faithful ones who were living closer to the time of creation written something about creation?

    Regarding what Moses supposedly wrote, I feel the most profound reason to doubt the whole story is internal evidence.

    1) People who experienced a unique miracle as parting of the Red Sea too soon turned into calf-worship—something that is impossible to happen.

    2) Destiny-wise too it badly reflects on God who apparently chose a nation for nothing, and too bad that they earned a name of being “killers of prophet.” (Mathew 23:37) Moses (or Moses story itself was designed) designed story to give an origin and history to a people and distinguish them from others by claiming a divine destiny—something that was never fulfilled. Would God give rise to something only to reflect badly on His choice?

  • FadeToBlack

    For anyone interested in further research on this topic, I highly recommend the book:

    Who Wrote The Bible by Richard Elliott Friedman. Very accessible to non-scholars - even the Introduction was fascinating.

  • venus


    Yes, you are right. There are many scholars who presented proof against Mosaic authorship of Pentateuch. Whenever I read Moses’ books, I used to wonder why supposedly inspired books scatters the attention of the innocent reader by inconsistencies. To mention a few: Moses wrote about his own death, and even declared himself as the most humble man on earth, referring himself in 3rd person (Number 12:3), verses that states that something is the case “to this day” which is inconsistent with Mosaic authorship, then plenty of doublet such as two accounts of creation (means author was cherry-picking from the vast ocean of creation stories, dependence on various sources—not typical of divine inspiration). Story of golden calf immediately after God performed a great miracle is unbelievable. Too unbelievable is the response of the people looking at “a golden calf” and calling it as “our gods” in plural (Exodus 32:4, 23) …

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    The creation accounts differ. Genesis 1:1-2:4a is a sabbatical version that is arranged by a logical person that probably had a form of autism. (Likely this version continues through being the P source. A sick mind though)

    Genesis 2:4b-5 is a separate account. Thiis Adam and Eve and Eden account dates very very early. before a mythical Moses. Thes story is the later half of tablet 11 of Gilgamesh. This text here might be as early as 1750BCE though I doubt it. In fact the text quotes word per word from the Epic in Genesis 8-9 when talking about the rainbow. Likely the version in Genesis is from Berrosus of the 4th or 3rd century BCE.

    As for Moses he is a mythical figure based on Chanceller Bay of 1200 BCE

  • waton
    That is a valid question—why could not have the faithful ones who were living closer to the time of creation written something about creation? V:

    Moses and cie lived only ~1/4000 closer to creation than us, and they were blind, compared to us with our better and better seeing aids. They were not dumb, do not run down your ancestors, but creation is still live streaming!.

    Venus: thank you for those links, food for thought and room for refutation in every one of them.

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    Good OP.

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