Chapter 52 the final chapter of "Newboy 50 Years a Watchtower Slave"

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    new boy

    Chapter 52

    What if Albert was right?

    What do I believe in now?

    I like what W.C. Fields said, when they asked him what he believed in. “I believe in a lot of things. I believe I’ll have another beer.”

    As I have said before I’m not here wanting to sell another way to look at things. I did that most of my life. So please read no further if you want to join something.

    I don’t believe in religions and governments with their organized thought systems. The “Us versus them” mentality they love to sell you on. Most of these organizations have been created by man for the sake of control over other men.

    I do believe in god. I didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I just don’t believe in the type of gods most religions have created. They say god made man in his image but in truth man has created god in his image. They have created gods like themselves, mean, hateful, jealous and vengeful. This sounds more like how men behave and not an all-powerful spirit creature.

    I do consider myself a spiritual person. I consider everyone a spiritual person. We are all on our spiritual paths, whether it looks like it or not. How can you judge anyone without judging yourself? What if not even god judges people? How could he/she do this if he gives us unconditional love?

    Maybe one of the wisest people every to live was right when he said this. “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” This was of course, said by Albert Einstein.

    Maybe this statement says it all. Life boiled down to just one sentence.

    The Buddhist believe the same thing. What if they are both right? What if your life is just one big illusion?

    What if it’s no more real than a movie made in Hollywood?

    What if there was reincarnation? What if you choose your story before you even incarnated?

    What if you are the writer, director and main star in one of the craziest stories ever told? The story of your life. What if the only real Hell is believing that your story is real?

    If you think this could be a possibility I suggest you read my book called “The Persistent Illusion.”

    Maybe it’s a lot simpler than we ever thought.

    Namaste my friends.

    Enjoy the wonderful journey of your life.

    Keith Casarona

    [email protected]

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    Always thought the only religious thinking that lines up with science in any way is Buddhism....the cycle of life is reincarnation by any other name. Wouldnt it be wonderful to Write and direct an infinite variety of life stories to live? Now that would be pretty near to paradise for me!

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