Losing my Hold On JW speak. Has it Happened to You Yet and if so, How?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I was reading a post on here and the poster said she went to the door twice because her mother made her go again when she didn't see her children talk to the man. The poster said, "At least I got an RV out of it."

    Ok, its been a few years, but for the first time I thought of "Recreational Vehicle" and not "Return Visit" when I read this. After a funeral recently I asked a couple how their brother was. They didn't say he was well or that he was employed or a good father to his new daughter. They said he was "Reactivated". I laughed so hard. Then I mentioned how it sounded as if he was a robot who had broken down. Pointedly I asked if he was well, employed etc. Is this progress? I am glad I am losing touch with JW speak. Have you found this happening to you at all? If so, how?

  • flipper

    Good points Wasanelder- Yeah, I think you are making outstanding progress ! Or is " progress " a JW cult word ? LOL ? !

    Anyway- yeah I've gone through this as well in my years out of the cult. Usually on purpose I'll try not to use the terms " brothers " or " sisters " unless I'm actually referring to my physical family siblings. Or instead of saying that what I believe in now after 14 years out of the JW's is the " truth " - I'll say that what I believe in now is reality. Or if someone says to me , " Hey Flipper, you're a really " worldly " man " - I take it as a compliment as being shrewd , worldly wise - and not a deviant like the JW's teach.

    Or I try to eliminate out of my mind the term " Pioneer " when I'm reading about 1800's history of actual pioneers traveling across the Oregon trail to settle in the west.

    I mean it takes years to get rid of this these shit JW expressions in our head so congratulate yourself that you are accomplishing that . Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • venus

    Even the very name Jehovah's Witnesses has this problem. It gives the impression that God Almighty is a defendant in some judicial court and in need of human help to come out of the mess Satan created.

    If the name of the organization is meaningless, we can imagine how logical other terminologies they use!

  • snugglebunny


    Back in the day it was a BC. - Back call! Plus every BS - Bible study - also counted as a back call too.

  • fulano

    It is not a rv or BC because the girl didn't talk to the man. Anyway a strange story, what happened, the man opened the door and they just started stearing at each other?

  • undercover

    I still remember some of the lingo from the old days. If I hear my JW famliy speak of RVs, I know what it is, but if I'm in a 'normal' setting and someone says RV, I know they're not going on a 'back call'.

    I'm out of touch with some of the new lingo. I kept seeing the term CLAM recently. I had to ask what is a CLAM, besides a tasty morsel. Christian Life and Ministry, I think was the answer. Replaced the Ministry School or Service Meeting, not sure which...

    And the bossman elder has a new term. He's called COBE Bryant or sumthin...

  • Schnufti

    No, not yet. I still wince a bit when I hear or read something with "witness". It used to be a phobia because I always feared I would read or hear something bad about JWs. Now I can't wait until JWs are in the news again :)

    And now I constantly read Governing Body instead of Great Britain.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I'm starting to get there. In part due to some rather conscious efforts not to use cultspeak - I refuse to call it 'the truth' and I refer to preaching as recruiting, church instead of KH, etc. That definitely helped me to see things clearly, especially when I was first waking up. I still sometimes see acronyms for things out of the context of the cult and still think of cult terms.

    The thing I'm more interested in, though, is knowing when I'll randomly get a cult song stuck in my head for the last time. That still happens once every week or two and it's annoying.

  • NewYork44M

    JW speak changes over time. Remember that an RV used to be a back call (BC). And don't walk into a KH and ask to speak to the PO.

    The changing language helps define who is up to date with current truths. Language filters out the renegades. For example, if you tell an elder you would like to vacation pioneer - the elder will drag your ass to the back room and disfellowship you on the spot.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yes--when i first discovered this internet world of ex jw's--what--about 7 years back ? i found a whole new language of cult expressions i never knew existed. COBE ... assembly hall...RBC (is it ? ). now we have CLAM for gawds sake.

    i left the cult just as the ELDER arrangement was being rolled out. why did the cult copy the mormons ?

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