What could it be?

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  • Randy notmarsh
    Randy notmarsh

    I'm doing some research. Someone snitched over something minor-ish on me about six months ago the person is from a different hall, person got df ( over some other stuff) why haven't the elders talked to me?

  • dubstepped

    Why don't you ask them? ;p

    Seriously though, you said it was minor, so maybe they don't care. Maybe they're busy with something else. Maybe they forgot. Maybe nobody snitched for real. Maybe Jehovah just doesn't love you, because we all know that Jehovah loves those he disciplines. Only the elders know. There's lots of possible reasons.

  • sir82

    Count your blessings, don't rock the boat, live and let live.

  • Londo111

    Most elders are stressed out by endless congregation duties and have much bigger fish to fry. They might not know who to contact, and even if they've inquired about you are and where your records are parked and come up with nothing, the whole theocratic treadmill might dampen their motivations to pursue much after that.

    It would be the elders in the congregation where your records are that would have to pursue the matter. So one elder body would need to contact the other, and the local elders would need to feel motivated to do an investigation. If you are faded, they might hold the matter in "abeyance".

  • Randy notmarsh
    Randy notmarsh

    And that's the thing that makes me curious because I'm not fading yet I still have all of my privileges I pass out the mics help out with literature so just curious wanted to ask you guys

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I think you're worrying yourself in expectation of something bad. Just don't bring it up and forget about it. They probably have.

  • rebel8

    Because Jehovah is unable to keep the congregation clean. This is a myth. If he really was able, there would be no child molesters in the congregations either. Think about it.

  • scratchme1010

    ...why haven't the elders talked to me?

    Not sure where are you standing. Do you want them to talk to you? Keep your research and go on with your life. I think that may be time you can use to prepare for when/if they approach you. Do you know what would you do/tell them if they approach you? If nothing happens now this could be a good opportunity to think about how to handle if they come to you with questions about your research.

    If I were you, I wouldn't provoke them.

  • baker

    Great point, rebel8.

  • Funchback
    I still have all of my privileges I pass out the mics help out with literature

    Those are privileges?

    Let me see...For me, privileges include free upgrade to first class on a flight or watching your kids (or family) not subjected to Watchtower defined privileges.

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