Real Estate Business?

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  • OrphanCrow

    I have been thinking about this thread and the claim that the WTS is selling and not buying.

    For everyone on this thread who has claimed that the WTS is not buying property, how do you know this?

    Couldn't the WTS be buying up prime property in selected areas of the world and not be telling anyone? It wouldn't be hard to do. Just pick up sweet pieces scattered around the world and sit on them. Land is valuable. The money is getting dumped somewhere.

  • scratchme1010

    For everyone on this thread who has claimed that the WTS is not buying property, how do you know this?

    Good question. My thoughts are that the WT has a real estate business. As a business, you make all kinds of, well, business decisions. I don't believe that it's any good business practice to just buy or just sell. Buying is as part of a business as it is selling.

    I personally don't believe that they are just selling, but don't believe that they are just buying either. Their purchases are investments, not buying for just consumption. When you buy for investment, the money you spend returns earnings, and in real estate that is based on a number of factors (renting, being an up-and-coming area [buying-holdng-selling later], flipping properties, etc.). Remember, the WT has free labor, so they can easily build things with minimum cost and make a profit from selling the property later.

  • Crazyguy

    It may not have been thier intent at one time but I things have changed. Others would say otherwise.

    Someone posted that thier was a area in Australia that had a major downturn in real estate values during Rutherfords time and he instructed the brothers thier with the Borgs money to buy buy buy.

    Plus we know what happen with Beth Sarim. I think Beth Sarim was the idea originally for a place for Rutherford to stay but then they realized what they had accomplished.

    This maybe can be confirmed in January 14 1975 when instead of spending thier money to tell the whole world that they only had a few months to live they bought the Towers Hotel in Brooklyn New York.

    For me this is the smoking gun of thier true motivation. Plus a lot of thier newer transactions haven't been about Kingdom Halls but nice properties they call translation offices and the like.

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