A POP QUIZ about the origin of "NEW LIGHT"

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  • Terry

    JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES claim to have special access--exclusive Truth.

    This is a POP QUIZ



    May 15th, 1995, Watchtower magazine carried a two-part study article: iN THIS ARTICLE the claim is made as to why and how Jehovah's Witnesses received New Light about celebrating Christmas.

    Here"new understanding" of its pagan origins was revealed:

    “Shortly thereafter**, a flash of light caused the Bible Students to stop celebrating Christmas. Before that time, Christmas had always been celebrated by the Bible Students worldwide, and its celebration at Brooklyn headquarters was a very festive occasion. But then it was discerned that the observance of December 25 was actually pagan and was chosen by apostate Christendom to make it easier to convert pagans.”

    “Shortly thereafter” is in reference to the year 1926**.



    A. JEHOVAH'S anointed remnant or

    B. A crackpot historian who had died the year the Civil War ended.

    Answer: B


    Alexander Hislop published a peculiar book first as a pamphlet in 1853, The Two Babylons, a whopping 75 years prior to the time the Bible Students suddenly flashed on the truth about Christmas,

    Three-quarters of a century delay? How embarrassing!


    NEW LIGHT about the Pagan origins of THE CROSS


    What else did this 1995 Watchtower article identify as New Light channeled through Jehovah's especially "selected channel"?

    “For many years, the Bible Students made the cross prominent as a symbol of Christianity. They even had a “cross-and-crown” pin… For decades, this symbol also appeared on the cover of the Watch Tower magazine. The book Riches, published by the Society in 1936, made clear that Jesus Christ was executed, not on a cross, but on an upright pole, or stake.”



    This flash of New Light about the Cross came from:

    A. Jehovah's Anointed

    B. A crackpot historian 78 years earlier

    Answer: B


    1858 Alexander Hislop used the same reasoning and examples to put forward the same conclusions as the "New Light" of 1936 in the Watchtower. Why fail to credit Hislop's jump start on this conclusion?

    Why did the Watchtower claim it as their special revelation directly from Jehovah because THEY ALONE were his chosen true religious organization?

    The plot thickens,


    NEW LIGHT correcting OLD New Light which made OLD LIGHT "Truth" and New Light wrong!

    “A bright flash of light was seen in 1962 in connection with Romans 13:1…The early Bible Students understood that “the higher powers” mentioned there referred to worldly authorities. They took this scripture to mean that if a Christian was drafted in wartime, he would be obligated to put on a uniform, shoulder a gun, and go to the front, to the trenches. It was felt that since a Christian could not kill a fellow human, he would be compelled to fire his gun into the air if worst came to worst. The Watchtower of November 15 and of December 1, 1962, shed clear light on the subject…”

    This correction corrected WHO?



    A. False religious teachings of early Bible Students who had betrayed Jehovah's anointed

    B. The Watchtower's own President and governing body leader

    Answer: B

    This 1962 flash of light corrected--not the Bible Students understanding--but, the wacky false New Light by Watchtower Society's President J.F.Rutherford!

    In the July 1st, 1931, Watchtower, Rutherford said:

    “Until quite recently God’s people understood…that this scripture has reference to worldly ruling powers. Those who have withdrawn from the Society still hold this wrongful view. Now, however, the faithful remnant clearly see that this scripture has no reference to any part of Satan’s organization but does apply exclusively to God’s arrangement in his organization for his own people. Those who refuse to see this truth and who oppose the statement of The Watch Tower concerning it have seized upon such as an excuse and have dropped out and have gone into the dark.”


    Wow! A double error by the True religion!


    Let's review another instance of real foot-dragging coming to a flash of New Light.



    Until 1973, Bethel did not prohibit smokers from becoming baptized Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Watchtower’s flash of New Light classified casual smokers in the same category as practicing fornicators, greedy persons, idolaters, revilers, drunkards, and extortioners, which were the sorts of persons the inspired apostle said, should be removed from the congregation.

    Who received this "Light" first?



    A. A cult leader of the Mormon church

    B. Jehovah's anointed

    Answer: B

    The Mormon leader Brigham Young, however, beat Jehovah's Anointed channel to this New Light in 1833's Words of Wisdom revealed by the Lord Himself!


    Stealing 2nd Adventist's beliefs + fanciful crackpot ideas of others

    Pastor Charles T. Russell adopted 2nd Adventist's peculiar theories that Jesus

    had already returned invisibly and Pyramidologist's crackpot ideas about the Great Pyramid revealing 1914 as the Armageddon of the bible!



    In view of the above can we say with confidence

    A. Jehovah's anointed "Faithful and Discreet Slave gave "food at the proper time". . .

    B. Jehovah's claims about the Slave Class are without merit, exaggerated and preposterous

    Answer: B Duh!

  • Finkelstein

    Organized religion is about believing other men's assuming delusions of power.,

    The WTS was still preaching Pyramidology in 1919 yet the leader of the WTS proclaimed that god had chosen him and his organization exclusively in that year .

    Spiritual power or channeled Seers, supposedly given to them by the God of redeeming. (Light)

    I wonder when this spiritual light is going to come to guide the WTS away from the unscriptural dating of 1914 and what they said happened that year ?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Food at the proper time, they say all the time, hey!!

    When is the time ever not **proper**.

    Just another expression they use to fit their own agenda.

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