the archangel, an archangel

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  • stillin

    Why all the name-changing? Why can't Jesus stay Jesus and Why shouldn't there be another entity named Michael? Because people want to pretend that they have the inside scoop on what's going on in heaven and the spiritual realm. It makes them feel superior and smart.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Love the comments and so true...why does Jesus have to wear so many hats, why can't he just be the son of God and helped with the Stillin says it's because the org. wants people to know they got a hook up in heaven Jehovah and now they are now in communication with Heaven.....spooky, huh?

    I've read the bible from back to front (entirely) and what I've come up with is....Yes, we are our brothers keepers, and as JW daughter says the bible is supposed to build your character. to make you a better person....ain't nobody can do all those rules and regs. in the bible...Jesus is an archangel, no he is on a horse, no now he is struggling with a body, was that Jesus in the fire with Shadrach, Mechach and Deb(?)....oh look Jesus is over there no, he's over there....The org, has made Jesus so many things and characters, yet they only do obeience, whatever that word is supposed to mean...Jehovah said all knees should bow to Jesus....

    See Jesus is the way, the org. was so focused on Jehovah, they lost site of the importance of they have to back peddle because they see that all this time, they have been trying to protect Jehovah's name, if in deed that's his name....but Jehovah don't need nobody to protect his name....he just want folks to know about his son giving up his life for us and how much God loved us to sacrifice his son....

    What witnesses don't know, is that going door to door now is a little bit easier because the org. is pushing Jesus most in the territory believe in the Trinity, yet they believe that Jesus is the son of God, some believe they are the same...whatever, if they believe in Jesus, they we have a common ground, then you can develop it from there....but ,the don't know Jesus as well as they know that's why they can't develop a bible study....Everybody knows who Jesus is....except the witnesses...

    When you read the literature today, subliminally they are pushing Jesus to the fore front....I can see it...little by little....

    JW's are supposed to be Christians, that don't give Christ his due...isn't the word Christ in Christians...


  • snowbird

    Amen and Amen, to time indefinite!

    Whatever it takes to advance WT's interests.

    Reminds me of my first real job in a bakery that previously had no Black employees, notwithstanding my area is predominantly Black.

    After he hired me and noticed that his business quadrupled, Old Boy started hiring nothing but Blacks!


    So, WT, after ignoring Jesus of Nazareth, is suddenly all up in His business?



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