A True short story

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  • Terry

    About a month ago I was re-reading MOBY DICK, and when I came to the ending, I was shocked.

    I remembered the ending of the movie with Gregory Peck and not the actual ending in the book!

    I like Ray Bradbury's ending better :)

  • WingCommander
    I myself, have never met Rosie O'Donnell. I imagine it's quite a spectacle.
  • Terry

    I had never dreamed of standing next to a whale.

    The fact that it is ALIVE overwhelms!

    What if the house you live in suddenly became alive?

    The vastness of the ocean frightened me the first time I saw it for real. I felt myself shrinking in significance.

    Standing with others, ministering to a distressed living god had an inexplicable resonance with the scene of Jesus' family and faithful followers standing under the crucifixion helpless.

    Are you saying, Terry, the whale was like Jesus?

    Yes, in a way, I am.

    It was infinitely unimaginable, and yet so commonplace and fragile.


  • Terry

    Somebody sent me this video and I was instantly reminded

    of this occurrence and my story.


  • flamegrilled
    I really enjoyed that Terry. Very nicely done.
  • Terry
    Thank you--I still get that frisson of feeling back when I tell it!

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