The Problems of Child Abuse

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Many of my friends who are Republicans are sicken by what's going on in their party. The Republican party always liken themselves as a moral party. If the likes of Roy Moore ends up in the Senate the Republican party will have a hard time explaining how they are the moral party. Democratic party have the same problems but they don't go out and represent themselves as a moral party.

    Moore acts like a typical child abuser by going on the offense by blaming everyone else instead of asking for forgiveness for what he did. Plus both him and his wife hide behind there so called Christian faith. Notice the crosses his wife hangs on her ears and the cross on his lapel. Still Totally ADD

  • redvip2000

    I saw an interview of a Roy Moore's supporter on the street a few days ago, and she basically said that she believed the accusation against Roy Moore, but that she would still vote for him instead of a Democratic, because if a Democrat gets elected, he will push "Democrat ideas".

    You sometimes have to sit back and be in awe of the stupidity that roams our streets. This is why I believe that religion will be alive an well for a few generations at least.

  • tor1500


    The problem...ah, the problem...I'm going to run down the middle with this statement of question statement...would this be handled the same if it was females doing this?

    We have become so calloused in this world...anything and everything goes...the new thing in NYC, if you see something say something...nobody wants to say nothing..even at my job nobody wants to rock the boat or even make decisions...everyone has their own agenda.

    As I have brought out before on this the prison system child rape or abuse isn't tolerated...other prisoners will deal with those type of if prisons have a code, I'm just saying...

    I think the reason child abuse/woman abuse is not really taken seriously, because nobody believes women, it's our fault, just like when God asked Adam about the fruit...the first thing he did was blame Eve...and folks it's been that way ever since...

    Let me say, I love men...they are just as necessary as women are but, in my experience, men never take the blame for their was something that made them do it...not that they just wanted to do it but got caught...

    Again, if the majority were women, wonder what type of comments & topic we would be reading today?

    Remember when female teachers were sleeping with there students...the world was up in could they do this, & so on...another witch hunt..

    Again, I'm just saying.


  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    The issues of Child Abuse are very wide spread and real. However, I think there's a huge difference between an organisation which happens to have a child abuser in it vs. an organisation that allows known child abusers to have positions of authority.

    Congress is staffed with hundreds of young aids and teenage interns. Many of whom are going to have to be around Roy Moore. What's going to happen when one of them says, "Hey, Roy has been making inappropriate comments to me." or "He touched me inappropriately."

    Are Ryan and McConnel going to say, "Well Alabamians chose him so tough luck there. We all knew what we were getting."

  • waton
    flipper: "-- I don't see this " storm " and scourge of child abuse ending any time soon.

    What I meant by "storm" is the unrelenting news of men, from conductors to coaches, politicians, impresarios, stars, exposed and accused of bad conduct from "inappropriate behavior" to rape.

    These exposures will make future potential offenders think twice before yielding to their impulses. Impulses that in their right form and place assured the arrival of the fittest of our race.

  • Vidiot
    flipper - "...these child abuse crimes happen all across the world in every organization..."

    I would argue that you won't find them in organizations that embrace transparency.

  • faithnomore

    To some their politics is their religion and they will blindly follow their party. This is on both sides.

    I can thank the WBTS for teaching me that I should read all sides of the issue instead of just one side:)

  • zeb

    CL. Please invest a few hours and look into the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional reaction to Child abuse. Known on the web as the ARC.

    case study 29 for the jw.

    Watch how the wt elders and in the second round how the wt appointees conducted themselves.

    and I wonder how being involved with the commission I have not ended up in a psych ward my inner person took one hell of a beating. Anyone want a 'black-dog'..

  • Vidiot
    zeb - "Watch how the wt elders and in the second round how the wt appointees conducted themselves."

    Those guys looked like they were going through absolute Hell in every screencap I've seen...

    ...except maybe Spanky McTightypants here...

    ...who actually reminded me more of this:

  • Vidiot

    Whoops, I was thinking of Anthony Morris III; that was Geoff Jackson.


    Hmmm... funny names for the GB guys...

    ...Letto the Clown, Spanky McTightypants, Jacka the Hutt...

    ...any others?

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