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  • Sabin

    We had this plan of action with our kid's, if they asked us a question that we deemed they were to young to know about we would divert their attention, Oh, could you fetch mummy her cardi, I'm feeling abit cold, there's some sweets in my pocket, would you like one etc, you get the idea. Usually this would be enough & they would forget about what they had asked. When they wern't diverted & asked again we would provide an honest explanation suitable for their age. So my hubby goes off to pick up our 8 year old daughter, in the car on the way home she says.

    "my friends older sister told me that daddies put there willies in mummies private parts, is that true?" my husband, tries to divert the conversation, but to no avail cause she asked him again. When he got home & told me I said,

    "please tell me you didn't lie to her"

    " No, I looked out the window & thought where the hell is my wife when I need her, then I said, Yes it is true however there is so much more to it than just the physical side that you will learn about when you are older"

    " o.k. that is good, what did she say?"

    "She said that is disgusting, & didn't speak to me the rest of the way home"

    Poor man, You got any funny things your kids have said that have thrown you off kilter?

  • LisaRose

    Yeah, my daughter wanted to know the facts of life at five. It was after a wedding we went to.

    She says, "so what are John and Cindy going to do after the wedding?"

    Me: "I think they are going to Hawaii"

    Her: "No, I mean, where are the going to do. You know, after. "

    Me: "Oh" Blink, blink "like sex, you want to know about sex?"

    Her: "yes."

    At that point I wasn't quite prepared to have "the talk" yet, she's five, how do you explain sex to a five year old? I said it was complicated, but I would get a book to explain it to her. So, every day she would ask me if I had gotten the book yet, so I finally did. It's called "Where did I come frome". I don't know if it's still in print, but it helped immensely, they explain sex it in a ways that kids can understand, graphic but not too graphic.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    When my son was about 7 he asked me what a "Theocratic Throbber" was.

    I hadn't heard that crude term in a long time and could hardly keep from laughing and asked him where he had heard this. Apparently he overheard some young JW guys talking about a cute girl they saw at the assembly and they used this expression and were laughing about it.

    I decided it was time for an emergency change of subject and I said something like "Hmm...not really anyway....what's for lunch?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The wife and the seven year old grandson. One day after picking him up from school

    she had this conversation. Grand son, when I get really old and can't drive you make

    sure to come by and take grand ma out to lunch or store, ok. She travel 20 miles each

    day to pick him up from school, his parents both work and unable to pick him up each day.

    Somedays she take him to school and pick him up (both grandsons at different schools),

    so they keep her busy. With golfs lesson, Boys Scouts, soccer, piano lesson and school.

    So when she ask him do you think you will do those things for Granny when you are older

    and driving, he said " Granny you will be dead."

  • eyeuse2badub

    One day, many, many years ago as I was watching a football game, my wife comes in and says; “It’s time for The Talk.” She then explained to me that our 7 year old son had just come in from playing outside with some of the ‘worldly’ neighbor kids and asked her the inevitable questions; “where did I come from-how did I get here?” Wow! Ok! So I sat down (at half time) with our 7 year old and I said “Let’s have The Talk!” For the next 25-30 minutes I then proceeded to give our son The Talk. ‘Masterfully’ , I explained all about the penis, the vagina, the sperm, the ovum, etc., etc., and the proper use of such. I even drew little illustrations to help me explain this delicate subject. I did good and amazingly, he actually paid very close attention. When we finished The Talk, I asked if that helped him to understand ‘where he came from and how he got here’. He said yes and thanked me for The Talk. Of course being a little curious and a little concerned about him playing with ‘worldly’ neighbor kids, I casually asked him, “any reason why you wanted to know about this stuff right now”?

    His reply; “Yea, the new kids, Jimmy and Billy, said they came from Chicago and they got here by bus!”

    just saying!-lol


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