Watchtower publication says in Paradise we will fly around like Superman!!

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  • blondie

    Haha, I bet the WTS wishes those articles would disappear. They tended to reflect the crazy ideas floating around in the world at that time, and were plucked out and put in a WT publication by the editor of the Awake/Golden Age especially. Most did not survive to today. I found this very interesting when I was doing my research on the flood and past teachings by the WTS. Here is a good Post by VM: "

    20 years ago

    Isaac Newton Vail wrote some books and pamphlets about
    the canopy theory as the source of the waters of the Great
    Flood. He published several books and pamphlets describing
    his "Earth's Annular Ring" idea, and even published a
    magazine called "Annular World".

    While Vail may not have been the first to use the Flood myths
    of various cultures to prove the existence of a world covering
    flood, he probably was the first to use the myths to try and
    prove that the Earth was covered by a ring of water.

    The Watchtower endorsed Vail's ideas for decades, Rutherford
    even wrote that "It seems to have been the plan of Jehovah
    God to begin the increase of light upon his great work for
    the benifit of man about the year 1874 A.D. It was in that year that
    Isaac N. Vail first publihsed a pamphlet entitled 'The Earth's
    Annular System'." (page 29, Creation 1927) Rutherford then devotes
    about 6 or 7 pages to Vail's Annular theory, even including a
    diagram of the earth and it's annular system.

    I believe that Vail's ideas even appear in the Watchtower book,
    "Paradise" book published in 1959, although Vail is not mentioned
    by name in the book.

    The Vailian theory was never considered by mainstream science, as
    it violated basic laws of orbital mechanics. It appears that
    any such cloud canopy containing enough vapor required by the Flood would result in an earth temperature too high to support life.
    (Temperate climate indeed!)

    After teaching the Vail like ideas about 100 years, all the WT
    now says is that "it is best not to speculate." But the WT still
    uses cultural Flood myths as an "anthropological" proof for the
    Great Flood.

    A good web article about the Vailian canopy theory is:

    "The Demise and Fall of the Water Vapor Canopy: A Fallen Creationist Idea" by Glenn R. Morton

    which may be found at:


  • BluesBrother

    I guess we are a little off the original topic, but as far as I can see the flood canopy is still the teaching. The most recent quote I found was

    WT 2011 3/15 pages 24-28 par 10

    Picture the scene. The big day finally arrives. It is the 17th day of the second month of the year 2370 B.C.E., and they go into the ark. Jehovah shuts the door, and it begins to rain. This is no mere local flood. The water canopy, or heavenly ocean, bursts open, and a torrential downpour pounds the ark.”

    So they are not only specific on the date but the heavenly ocean canopy.....

  • punkofnice
    If they fall down an elevator shaft they can let themselves down easy

    If they can already fly (with power in their fingernail), why do they need lift shafts?

    Perhaps they are actually in Bizarro world.

  • markweatherill

    Sisters would of course be discouraged from flying, as there might be circumstances when the sight of a sister floating overhead would stumble the brothers, as you can imagine.

    Suitably qualified elders would no doubt be deployed to take 'upskirt' photos as evidence of brazen conduct.

  • FFGhost
    The people who mocked you, ignored you, oppressed you, and persecuted you have been turned into the dust that you now shake off of your sandals.

    Oh and don't forget - in the JW version, you get their fancy houses, too.

    Still not clear who provides the electricity for the house though. [Shrug] "I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see. Jehovah will provide!"

  • blondie

    In 1874, Isaac Vail, put forth the water canopy idea. Though you will find it hard to find this in the old WTS publications, the WTS based the water canopy idea on this man's ideas. But the WTS has kept the water canopy idea without contributing it to Vail.

    The Witnesses' J. F. Rutherford promoted the Canopy Theory in his 1927 book Creation. [13] "Jehovah God," said Rutherford, commenced an "increase of light upon his great work for the benefit of man about the year 1874 A.D."--referring to publication of Vail's pamphlet. Rutherford presented Vail's theory in the context of the Witnesses' 7,000-year-long Day/Ages of Creation. According to the Witnesses' popular book Did Man Get Here By Evolution Or By Creation?, [14] the Bible explains that "a vast water canopy was suspended high above the Earth, and its fall caused a global deluge in the days of the man Noah, who wrote an eyewitness account of the event." The Canopy shielded the Earth from cosmic rays, reducing the formation of carbon-14, thus making radiocarbon-dated antediluvian objects appear older than they really are.

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