Is it better to have a false hope than have no hope?

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  • sinboi

    Just got the news. A very close classmate of mine met an accident and died last nite...

    Just 4 months after I da'd from the borg.

    If I am still in, I wouldn't be so sad. He has the hope of resurrection.

    But now that I am out, I realise that resurrection in paradise is all bullshit.

    So what's next? Where is he now? Will I be able to meet him again?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I'm sorry your friend has died. I can't say whether he is exists now, or in the future. I'm not sure myself.

    Realizing that the resurrection is no longer a sure thing, is hard to deal with. It made me sad when I thought of my Grandma and all the other nice people that have died, may never get another chance. I still leave a small possibility that there is something else, but I figure I will not know until I die.

    For now, my grandma lives in my memories and all the happy times we had.


    That's what is so toxic about this cult. False hope. When you discover TTATT, it is a great shock. It could be described as grief equivalent to the death of a loved family member. Or any other life changing event that you haven't even thought of at your age such as losing a job, divorce, domestic violence, ect.

    Time is a healer. Keep your mind occupied. Play a sport. Voice your concern on this forum. Remember we are all going though the same issues. That is why we are here.

    Take care.

  • steve2

    Humans have competing needs for comfort and for knowing "What is". Religion's virtue is it comforts; its crime, though, is oppression.

    These competing human needs are not easily met, especially in times of sorrow. Who wouldn't want hope that all will be well when all now may be shaded in sorrow and fear? However, the price of comfort is all too often giving up your mind and soul for others to control in the name of religion and/or your "god".

    Religion offers super simplistic and often larger than life answers that many prefer over alternatives. Children's fairy stories appeal because they speak a language of "Happily ever after a". And human need doesn't even begin to know how to handle a world in which religious "truths" don't exist. We gravitate towards other worldly promises not because they are true but because they fill a deep, inexhaustible need for comfort.

  • Ruby456

    idealism and hope regarding outliving the present life got us here so a positive hope for the future is worth considering even if some think it is false. If it is a universal hope then can we even describe it in terms of either true or false? such hopes don't just exist in religion .... they exist in science, in politics in the economy and whatever branch you may care to name.

    sinboi I'm sorry for your loss but just asking the questions you ask expresses hope. In buddhism nothing is lost but the sadness of losing someone you love so young is still very very profound even for those who have a hope.

  • smiddy3

    I have hope I am going to win the lottery when I but a ticket maybe once or twice a month ,do I build my whole life around this Hope ? No of course not because I also know that the probability of winning is astronomically against my doing so.

    In other words I don`t lead my life around the assumption I will win the lottery.

    The hope JW`s have about resurrection ,paradise earth ,living forever ,either in heaven or on earth are all "pie in the sky" false hopes invented by charlatans posing as Bible Scholars.

    I can only speak for myself and I would never want to delude myself with a false hope.

    The record of Jehovah`s Witnesses speaks for itself ,it`s foundation is built on what has proved to be false hope.

    I`m sorry your experiencing this loss sinboi ,death is just a part of living in the real world ,the older you get the more people die around you ,it`s just a fact of life.

    I`m sorry if I sound cynical but I don`t believe in lying to myself.

    While you have life live it to the full because you never know what`s around the corner.

  • Ruby456

    The untimely death of a young person is never just simply part of life .....

    smiddy you don,t just sound cynical you sound like you are still lying to yourself. edit: just taking your own argument to its conclusion in a spirit of rhetorical argument so no personal offense intended to you smiddy and what you believe about life and death.

  • Xanthippe

    I am very sorry for the loss of your classmate. This is a really hard time for you. My daughter lost two of her school friends who were just teenagers and she was devastated. I didn't tell her what to believe either

    There are plenty of ideas about life after death beyond JWs. Many varieties of religious explanations of course. Many atheists say it's not true but there are also atheists who say it is and it's nothing to do with religion.

    Take care of yourself at the moment because grief is physically and mentally exhausting. What you believe and what you hope for in your heart is up to you and nothing to do with anyone else.

  • Crazyguy

    Live your life to the fullest that you can. There's no proof of any after life or a resurrection.

  • smiddy3

    smiddy you don,t just sound cynical you sound like you are still lying to yourself.

    Ruby 456 i`m not sure where your coming from here ,how am I lying to myself ?

    I looked back at what I said and I just don`t see it ? please enlighten me.

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