Watchtower appeals the lawsuit in Quebec (Canada)

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  • waton

    wt land is a high control religion, are some asking that it is not controlling enough?

  • Humphry

    Well even if they win the appeal I think they are getting the message that the more control they have over their members by mean of their in house kangaroo court system compose of unqualified and uneducated elders the more legal problems will develop. Isn't it time for the WT corporation to trash this system to avoid many more lawsuits in the future? The Governing Boobies need to really try to wrap their minds around this dilemma and do something humane and constructive and get off this "We are the Faithful Slave" cloud and come down to planet Earth.

  • Vidiot
    Humphrey - "Isn't it time for the WT corporation to trash this system to avoid many more lawsuits in the future?"

    Sure, it's time.

    Never gonna happen, though.

    In fact, ten bucks says they'd rather the WTS crash-and-burn than be seen...

    a) ...admitting they were wrong...

    b) ...failing to comply with "Biblical" modes of justice, and ...

    c) ...capitulating to pressure from "Satan's World".

    Not to mention that if they were to fully report all the abuse, they would no doubt experience a significant shortage of available males who could no longer administer the bOrg at the grassroots level (as a result of their actions becoming more widely known to rank-and-file JWs)...

    ...and therefore potentially cripple the Org's ability to function.

  • JC323

    Violet. The number is actually not that high. The reporting from Mr Zalkin is 775 blue envelopes in 1997. In the Padron Case it was reported that between 2001 and 2016 the total names would be about 1600.

  • Vidiot

    @ JC323...

    Ah, but with fewer and fewer "qualified brothers" "reaching out" (as reported over and over again by still-ins who post here), the bOrg is forced to keep scraping the bottom of the barrel even deeper to find guys to run the congregations.

    Here's the thing...

    ...after the embarrassing Dateline expose back in 2002, the WTS was essentially forced to make the public statement that no sex offenders were permitted to serve in positions of congregation authority (paraphrasing, but that's the gist).


    ...a few years later, they ever-so-quietly reversed that policy with the caveat that if the offender's abuse wasn't common knowledge, he could serve.

    I strongly suspect this decision was made for two reasons...

    ...first, (as mentioned already) they were already starting to run low on guys willing and able to do it...

    ...and second (and more importantly, IMO), abruptly relieving currently serving congregation staff members from their duties (if/when they were accused or they confessed to local BOEs) might raise suspicion amongst regular rank-and-filers (particularly if they'd seen the Dateline expose, which quite a number of active JWs had at the time) that there really just might actually be a child abuse problem in "God's Earthly Organization"...

    ...something which couldn't help but - ultimately - call that very claim of exclusivity into question amongst said rank-and-file, because holy shit how the fuck could it not???

    And that possibility was, is, and always will be something the WT leadership will bend over backwards to avoid, because - let's face it - actually being an active Jehovah's Witness isn't the most appealling lifestyle for most (whether they admit it or not)...

    ...and if it's not actually "God's Earthly Organization", where's the incentive to stay?

    (Not to mention that if the WTS isn't "God's Earthly Organization", then it is - by it's own definition of the term - a "false religion", and therefore - by its own stated standards - doesn't even have the right to exist.)

  • yalbmert99

    The lawsuit concerning sexual abuse against the Watchtower for the rest of Canada is still pending a decision on if it can move forward (the lawyers are almost certain it will but I don't think they get the decision till the new year )

  • truthlover123

    Thanks Yal, had not heard much so that is a good bit of info

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I believe that the bottom line would be: Did the elders know about it? If yes, then why didn't they report it to the authorities? This is actually a law in quebec. The only exception to that law, are the lawyers, no one else.

  • zeb

    Whether this case is successfully appealed or not we must consider that this is another account which has the wt revealed in its panic to protect itself.

    Just a short time ago these cases were but a ripple on the pond now they are a wave and the tsunami is approaching.

    Please keep us informed, thank you..

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