A JW Calling Down Evil Upon Others!

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  • Divergent
  • Divergent

    I'm on mobile and can't seem to be able to add text to the above, so I'm doing it in this post

    I was browsing through FB and came across this obnoxious JW by the name of Priscilla Bivanco making these comments in response to a post on Unilad as shown above! What a great witness indeed! (sarcasm intended)

  • pale.emperor

    She sounds like a real catch.

  • zeb

    Take a trip on google and see some her motivation

  • redpilltwice

    Indoctrination is such a bitch!

    She (Priscilla) looks young... probably full of expectation for the end to come soon (sigh..."soon" since 1879) but maybe she will be the one crying as she grows old, frustrated and probably robbed of her "silver and gold" in this current system of things.

  • Divergent

    Here's the thing for me - even when I was still an active JW, I NEVER liked the thought of non-JW's being destroyed at Armageddon. The only "problem" for them is that they are NOT CONVINCED that JW's have "the truth"!

    I started to put myself in their shoes - if I was not a born-in, I would NOT be convinced that JW's have the truth either. All those people out there - I could be any one of them if I was born under different circumstances. I have non-JW family members also who are doing fine as non-JW's and it was DIDN'T make sense to me that they would die at Armageddon simply because they are non-JW's. It was ABSURD to think that a God of LOVE would choose to destroy them RATHER than make truth convincing to them!

    So when I see people like Priscilla Bivanco making such comments, it really hits a nerve for me. You DARE to call your a religion a religion of peace and love and yet make such hateful and vile comments? SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • scratchme1010

    So some things and some people haven't changed. The funny thing is that the JW bitch thinks of herself as a loving nice Christian, deserving of her Jehovah's favor. How disgusting.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW religion is a paranoid perversion of truth.............

    Wakey wakey Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • blondie

    Actually I heard the following said from the platform and off by elders.

    "Today a householder said that she was tired of having Jehovah's Witnesses come around. I told her that when we stopped coming she should be worried."

  • Worldling9

    She's the one who will be crying when she's old and figures out she's gonna die like everyone else.

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