Just the Flu eh?

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast


    This has been widely reported by left and right wing news papers. Just food for thought.

  • Rocketman123

    Yes this is the true, very healthy individuals, middle aged and so on have died from Coivid .

    Thankfully very little number of babies, children and teenagers have died from this virus.

    I'm hoping that by the beginning of next year we should all be returning back to normal living conditions pre pandemic, its been too long.

    I think we have a very good chance

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous


    Sometimes, healthy people die, get over it, they have a choice. Perhaps we should stop people from driving. Perhaps we should stop them from making any decisions, just let the government decide.

    1 IN 3 SENIORS DIED DUE TO ALZHEIMER'S OR ANOTHER DEMENTIA. And that increased by 19% during the COVID pandemic (being isolated has long been known to exacerbate dementia)

    95% of COVID deaths were amongst the elderly:


    Yet some healthy people fully vaccinated die:



    Some healthy people die from getting the vaccine:


    In the early 1900's about 1/3 of children died from measles, polio and other diseases. Should the government have locked everyone up back then too? You people simply have no concept of risk since you've lived in a protected bubble for going on 70 years. Nobody is used to death anymore, back in the day, everyone would know someone who had lost a child or a parent, now, it's a rare occurrence, even with COVID, I have had nobody in my family die from COVID, some people lost an elderly person, we're still at VERY LOW death rates in comparison with any "real" pandemic (think cholera or plague). Go to Africa for a change, go to India for a change, there COVID is rampaging through and doesn't even make a blip on their radars because more children and adults die from preventable disease such as not having food and clean water than ever will from COVID.

    Every death is a tragedy, but there is no point in arguing about preventable disease. A lot of people die because they are so filthy rich, they're dying from "king's disease", even those we consider "poor" are dying from diabetes and gout and heart problems, yet nobody thinks we should control their lives over it.

  • steve2

    Anony Mous needed to have been alive to observe the devastation wrought by the 1918 Spanish flu which literally decimated entire communities. There were no Lockdowns. And it is not okay that the death toll of such pandemics, if left unchecked, is more devastating on those from lower socio-economic communities because immediate health care is not available. Lockdowns help prevent hospitals from being stretched beyond capacity - in which case, immediate medical intervention is not possible so people are more likely to die or develop ongoing complications such as the medically-recognized "Long Covid".

    Other arguments - such as those dying from "king's diseases" - are little more than special pleading.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Very fit and healthy people unexpectedly die of the flu every year, there's always been those instances. The name may have changed but one thing is the same: It's incredibly rare.

  • menrov

    I believe the title of this post is wrong. A flu can be as dangerous as the covid virus. In The Netherlands, over 2900 people died from flu in 2018/2019 flu season. So, people who say "just" in combination with the flu, are not aware of the dangers related to real flu (a cold is not a flu).

    Covid-19 is a virus and quite contagious and yes, you can suffer when you catch it or even die. So, just as the real flu, quite dangerous for some.

    People should always have a choice about what they allow to be done to their body. Nobody likes it that others, like religious leaders and alike, try to control your actions. Same as with vaccines, People are free to chose. Not all people who have not been vaccinated yet are against all vaccines. Personally I do not have faith the the vaccines currently available. Once there is a vaccine that can convince me in respect to safety etc, I might decide to allow a vaccine.

  • punkofnice

    I won't touch the Guardian with a disinfected barge pole. Champagne socialist narrative.

    TBH, I just don't believe anything I see coming from the main steam media anymore. That orange geezer from America was right when he called it, 'fake news'.

    They print garbage they hope will shock and bring in money. They are like the Watchtower only without their version of the Bible.

    I loathe them all!

  • punkofnice

    I like the way they put things in quote marks.

    Hah! that's sure fire untrustworthy.

    For clarity, I'm not commenting on the validity of the rona, just the MSM's dirty tricks.

  • Phizzy

    The young man in the Article is reported as saying " I wish I had taken the Vaccine", he obviously had been offered it, his age group has. He was young, healthy, and with no underlying health problems. Yes , deaths such as this poor chap's are rare, but it could be YOU !

    The wilful ignorance of many may well kill them, the evidence for the efficacy and safety of these vaccines is plentiful.

    Someone said we have the Freedom to refuse, yes, but in so doing you may well kill someone else. Freedoms come with responsibilities. We as individuals have a responsibility to help move forward the return to normal life, the more who are unvaccinated and spread the disease by that and other irresponsible behaviour, the longer that return will take.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Edward Jenner started it all by experimenting with vaccination against smallpox in a way that would subject him to imprisonment and public horror if the same methods were used today.

    Smallpox raged around the world until in the 1950s the WHO instigated a world wide program of vaccination. By 1980 the world was declared clear of this horrible killer disease and the vaccinations creased.

    I myself had the injection when I was a kid together with the TB jab and I had no ill effects.

    So I am not an anti vaxxer. Of course there is a risk but those that minimise and seek to rationalise the risk of the pandemic are in my opinion misguided. Would they prefer say, smallpox? Would they argue against smallpox injections?

    In the early 1900's about 1/3 of children died from measles, polio and other diseases.

    Why are these diseases not common now? Children were routinely vaccinated from these horrific diseases without any public outcry. Polio was completed beaten but not before it killed my Aunt and left her daughter motherless. Would you like the freedom to suffer polio? Then Dr Andrew Wakefield issued his fraudulent paper about MMR and the public doubt still persists. Measles therefore is still extant and does regularly kill people.

    Just another point. Thanks to JW Facts for the following quotes:

    "Vaccination never prevented anything and never will, and is the most barbarous practice...We are in the last days; and the devil is slowly losing his hold, making a strenuous effort meanwhile to do all the damage he can, and to his credit can such evils be placed. ... Use your rights as American citizens to forever abolish the devilish practice of vaccinations." Golden Age 1921 Oct 12 p.17
    "Thinking people would rather have smallpox than vaccination, because the latter sows the seed of syphilis, cancers, escema, erysipelas, scrofula, consumption, even leprosy and many other loathsome affections. Hence the practice of vaccination is a crime, an outrage and a delusion." Golden Age 1929 May 1 p.502
    "Avoid serum inoculations and vaccinations as they pollute the blood stream with their filthy pus." Golden Age 1929 Nov 13 pp.106-107

    This was partially supported on the basis that blood byproducts could not be used.

    "Vaccination is a direct violation of the everlasting covenant that God made with Noah after the flood." Golden Age 1931 Feb 4 p.293

    "Of all the inventions that have been foisted upon mankind for their defilement the most subtly devilish is that of vaccination." Ibid p.295

    Perhaps we should go back to that point of view?

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