WTBTS and the CCJW ?

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  • darkspilver

    John Davis - read the above August 12, 2011 letter, it explains the situation in Britain vis-a-vis CCJW, IBSA and WTBTSoB

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ ZEB - it was Mr. Loesch.


    Its a legal co-out ploy as well as seen by the Loesch bullshit

  • John Redwood
    John Redwood

    For further clarification, CCJW is definitely used in other countries such as the UK. However in the UK it is not a charity. The lawsuits which are filed in the UK against the JW organization are filed against Watchtower of Britain, Watchtower of Pennsylvania, as well as the individual congregations involved.

    I stay in close contact with the attorneys in the US, the UK and elsewhere, and even they have a tough time keeping up with all of the intricacies of the JW corporations. After the Fessler V Watchtower case in Philadelphia, I interviewed the jury as a group (10 jury members) - and asked them if they were confused by all of the various players involved (Watchtower, CCJW, the US Branch, etc) - and they unanimously exclaimed that they were very confused by all of these groups, which played a role in their opinion about Jehovah's Witnesses in general.

  • John Redwood
    John Redwood


    This is page 2 of the 3 page declaration of Gerrit Losch

  • John Redwood
    John Redwood

    Page 3

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