Crows and Those on Patios

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  • TerryWalstrom

    I'll bet there is a theologian out there on the Web who already as a refutation for the query.
    I'm going to do a search. Watch this space . . . . .. ( )

    tick tick tick tick . . .


  • TheWonderofYou

    Much effort for few results as expectable. Lets have a :coffee: and relax.

    Not always a parting of the ways is about Jesus, God. For some people the parting of the ways already would begin earnestly with the evolution-theory.

    Some think the moment of appearing of this evolutiontheory would mark even the beginning of end time because its represents the ultimate denial of Gods creation.

    So did the end time really start about 1860? It would have started with the similiar theories about Natural Selection from Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace. 1858 Wallace sent Darwin his theory to help him with his theory. Darwin was shocked because he wanted to be the first to publish the theory and Wallace theory replicated his own.

    The forgotten Alfred Russell Wallace.
    The making of a theory videos below.


    In Middle Europe crows are looking for new feeding ground. swaaarmmm. caaaark. Last warm day of this summer.


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