More than 75% of the human genome may be 'junk' DNA.

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  • never a jw
    never a jw


    How can you be so blind or hypocritical? Every time you try to pose a challenge to evolution you are forced to use information that has been discovered and provided by scientist. If it weren't for scientists you and your ilk wouldn't know about the existence of DNA or molecules, or anything in an elementary science book, let alone in any higher level books. You may argue that some religious people have made contributions to science, but we owe their contributions to their observations of the physical world and their use of the scientific method, not to praying. Christianity and the Bible have contributed zero, nothing, zilch to any discovery or invention that we enjoy today. The level of cognizant dissonance are at incredible levels in your brain. It's extremely frustrating that millions today actually believe your dishonest and fallacious arguments.

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