District overseers

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  • Boredposter

    Are they really gone in the U.S.? What replaces them?

  • Simon

    For all the good they did, a fleet of 2nd hand Roomba's

  • JW_Rogue

    I think COs just report directly to the branch now. No one I knew ever had any clue what DOs did anyway.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Gone, Nada, Elimination

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Hey, they are saving millions now. Our Maintenance Committee just sent the GB $6000 because we had over$10,000 in our account.

  • scratchme1010
    What replaces them?

    The DO app.

  • freddo

    DO's officially finished on August 31st 2014. Also the travelling overseer upper limit of age 70 came in then and so that naturally culled a lot of them along with many CO's too.

    The DO's used to usually get drawn from the ranks of the CO's. They oversaw the District conventions, went with the CO twice a year to congregations to "encourage" and train them.

    They would also ride shotgun with a regular CO on more difficult or multi-circuit "problems".

    Now the longer serving and more capable CO's oversee the REGIONAL conventions and also go with the less experienced CO's to "problem" congregations but less frequently than twice a year.

  • ttdtt

    They were officially replaced by Holy Space Unicorns who help guard the Mid-Heaven.

    They use their Marshmellow Lasers to help the friends go door to door and not be molested by Satan and his darling demons.

  • venus

    It is a pity that even when they copy the ladder of authority from the world--religious, political and commercial--they do not realize it is the world they accuse of being ruled by Satan who started this very power-consciousness.

  • Boredposter

    I had forgotten I asked this. Thanks for the answers. Interesting indeed.

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