Women and Children First Still!

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  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    At a time when women fly combat aircraft, when they are grant equality in education,in employment,in government,in athletics,etc. what entitles women to the status of children still?

    Women and children first when it comes to emergency situations. Do the women get special consideration and not the men.Way in the past yes. What about today,are women entitled to special consideration just like the children.

    Just asking. On a personal issue I would put my wife and children first in any emergency situation. However, in general do men have the right to save themselves before others when it comes to them to get back to their families alive.

    I'm not looking for an argument,I grew up with seven sisters,who I still put first in my life. Blueblades

  • Xanthippe

    I don't know who is saying women and children first. Do you have a specific example. When my colleagues and I evacuate the public building where I work if there is a fire, bomb threat etc, we evacuate everyone. Where do people get these ideas that women are still doing this that and the other, what the heck do you mean? Who is saying women and children first?

  • Simon

    There's no real legal precedent but in general the women and children are seen as more vulnerable and valuable to be given preference and most people will try to save them first in our culture.

    But who knows nowadays - you might just see people suddenly self-identify as a female-children and trample everyone else to death.

    It originated from HMS Birkenhead, a troop-ship also carrying families where the troops on board stood-fast allowing the women and children access to the lifeboats while the majority of them perished as a result.



  • LongHairGal


    That “women and children first” thing is from a bygone era.

    If you’ve ever been in a big city you won’t see that! I was just grateful I didn’t get trampled, never mind special treatment.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I love Van Halen, thanks for the post!

  • MeanMrMustard

    It is a biological strategy. If the eggs die, the tribe ceases to exist. Men are expendable in emergencies.

  • freddo

    Practically speaking - children especially gravitate to their mothers in times of peril. So the women are better at looking after their children and keeping them feeling safe.

  • TD

    From what I've read, chivalry has been more the exception than the rule during maritime disasters. People panic, and it takes a near military level of discipline to control it.

    The idea is not dead though.

    A good example is a picture that went viral on social media a year or two ago. A man and woman can be seen walking down the street in what looks like Atlanta. Young ladies were going ballistic because the man was apparently walking on the "wrong side." The idea is that the man should always walk closer to the curb to keep the woman out of harm's way.

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Xanthippe,what I mean is that women and children first is a"Bygone Era"as Longhairgal said in her comments. Maritime disasters in the past had the tradition of "Women and Children First".Children were entitled to special consideration for two reasons: helplessness and innocense incapable of fending for themselves.

    Remember when it was the norm to give a women your seat on the bus?Even to this day when disasters occur children should go first and women should go second then the men for the children need their women/mothers more than men at this time of their lives.


  • sparrowdown

    This came from the time it was acknowledged as fact that women are physically weaker than men and in certain situations may need physical protection. Normal healthy males are protective instinctively it's in their nature it might be hidden deep down now because society has deemed it sexist to show this trait.

    Would it be safe for a female firefighter to carrry an adult male down six flights from a burning building?

    Children are smaller and weaker than everyone and need protection ALWAYS full stop.

    Once upon a time a woman or a man would die to protect their child.

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