Blood fraction?

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  • Fisherman

    A vampire is taken to the emergency room on a stretcher. The doctors notice what he is so instead of giving him an IV they show him a cross to subdue him, so he says to them: " I am JW and I don't believe in the cross," so the doctors say to him: "You haven't eaten in a very long time, we need to pump 5 gallons of whole blood into you." The reformed vampire then informs them that he refuses the blood on religious grounds. And then the doctors tell him: "We hate to break it to you but in that case, it's curtains for you -take him to the morgue if that's where you'd like to be."

    And so the JW vampire tells the doctors: "In that case, I'll take half -and can you please add a little salt while you are at it?”

  • Chook

    Blood fractions, you can have ALL the ingredients but not the water. This post needs a push

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