Damn kids ... or am I getting old?

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  • Simon

    We bought the "Simpsons Road Rage" game a few months ago, mainly for the kids.

    If they've been playing before they went to bed then me and Angharad have had a few gos in the evening and have been competing for the high score. Over the last few week, we've traded it and nudged it up until Angharad reached an unattainable 9,100 points.

    Eventually, after hours of dedicated thumb twiddling I managed to beat it with 9,300 and then push it out of rech with 11,300. I was the champion. I reigned supreme in my domain.

    Well, Liam has just been on and got 12,500 !

    It's amazing watching him because he doesn't seem to do much but always manages to jink round the traffic and always knows the shortest route to each goal ... using any and every short-cut. He doesn't even pay it his absolute attention ... we have to concentrate on the screen for all we're worth.

    He's always been good at directions and can tell us which way to go even after we'd only been somewhere once, sometimes months earlier.

    Damn, kids and their quick reactions ... they make me feel old - but proud

  • JH


    36 y 3 m 1 d is not old

    But yes, kids are better than adults at certain things.

  • MegaDude

    You can always challenge your kid to a game of Command & Conquer Generals. That should make you feel better.


    Awwwwww....Simon, time for a li'l pep talk....

    Kids may have speed....Ahhhhh, grownups have the skill and experience....now....git back in there and whip the kid's A$$$!!!

    ESTEE<----------(of the "can't-believe-I-said-that-out-loud" class)

  • Jayson

    Megadude is C&C Gen pretty good?

    I have been thinking about getting it. (I have all the others)

    Jayson (Of the to old to but still do play video games class.)

    Sorry Simion, Is there any way you can cheat on the game?

    "Old age and trickery will overcome youth and skill."

  • Francois

    Youth and idealism will never triumph over old age and treachery.


  • manon

    Mom loves everything CRASH BANDICOOT & SPYRO little daughter loves to watch mom beat dad at GRAND TOURISMO 3 with Lenny Kravits singing in the back ground. Little daughter and dad go in search of METAL GEAR SOLID 2 buttons we love buttons.

  • Angharad

    Yeah well Simon still can't beat me at Dead or Alive, he just sits there pressing the same button over and over again

  • manon


    Never share your technique. I've done this in the past then dad turns around and improves it and beats me. Then I have to dream up a new strategy.

  • Seven


    Dad you are doomed as doomed can be! It's not so much about age as it is about fun. Kids won't do anything on their own that isn't fun. The competition part is there but it's not "everything" like it is with you. Relax and enjoy and who knows you just might be able to beat your little boy again. Fun is the key!

    Remember Angharad has the superior hand eye coordination and on any given day can crush you like an insect.

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