The camp of Israel and the problem of pooping

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    this is very good! Really nice post!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Nobody ever got diarrhea? I think one scenario has a long parade with ones arriving while others are still leaving.

    I think the stories are enhanced versions of some real event. Maybe a few hundred exiles crossed the desert. Maybe there was one helluva big rain, david and Jonathan fought off 5 men standing back to back...on and on.

  • FFGhost

    Ooh! babies!

    There were 3 million when they left Egypt, and 3 million when they entered Canaan. Everybody over the age of 20 when they left died, so at least 2 million babies (probably more) must have born during those 40 years.

    That's at least 50,000 newborn babies per year. Not sure what sort of toilet training went on 3500 years ago, but it's safe to say that well over 100,000+ infants were not yet toilet trained at any given time.

    It is reasonable to expect the guidelines on excrement would apply to everyone - all poop, outside the camp!

    "I've been told" babies don't keep to a regular schedule of pooping, nor do they restrain themselves to once a day.

    So, again, let's think about our poor schmucks camping dead center in the middle of the square camp. Let's suppose they have 6 month old twins. It's a 4 hour round trip every time they've got to dump out the babies' diapers. Between the parents "needs" and the constant "production" of the infants, there would be literally no time for anything else besides eating, sleeping, walking to the poop place, and pooping.

    The above paragraph, multiplied by 100,000. Every day. For 40 years.

    I dunno, eating cucumbers and leeks in Egypt is sounding better all the time!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I'm imagining the poor guy sitting at the side of the road, in tears "too late".

  • FFGhost

    Correction to my first post - a square with an area of ~250 square miles has borders 16 miles long, not 14.

    So Moshe and Yentl, living in the center of the camp, have an 8 mile hike to the edge, and 8 more miles back. That's more like a 5 hour round trip walking. Every day. Or twice a day. For 40 years.

    "Where you goin', Chaim?"

    "Where else is there to go, ma? Gonna go poop again. See you in about 5 or 6 hours, unless we pass each other coming & going."

  • FedUpJW

    Between the parents "needs" and the constant "production" of the infants, there would be literally no time for anything else

    Well that answers one question today. Why do the goobering body insist on mundane useless duties to keep JW's so time consumed with them they have zero time for any meaningful life other than those chores mandated by the gb? Because we have modern toilets and do not have to walk outside the city we live in to take a dump.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    brings a whole new meaning to city dump.

  • Biahi

    Gross! Sounds like India. Lol, when I get the Indian scammers calling me, I ask them if they crap by the railroad tracks, they hang up on me. Haha

  • Simon

    If you read about the logistics for large armies in history, before oil-powered transportation was available, it was often an incredible challenge to keep them supplied and fed.

    And "large" is not as large as you may imagine, Alexander the Great for instance had maybe 35-40,000 men ... roughly a mid-size sports stadium full of people, but then they would have extra support staff. Every person was a mouth to feed.

    Past a certain size and you need more and more people to gather and supply food, so there was a limit to how large of a group of people could be maintained. Add horses or camels and that's yet more mouths to feed.

    And they could only be fed by taking from the tows and cities they conquered and travelled through. A very different scenario to travelling through a desert with no supplies.

    The bible stories really are fancifully outlandish in their claims.

  • Rocketman123

    I think the ancient Israelites invented bullshiting , no pun intended

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