Ozzie's Weekend Poll #47

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  • Xena

    uuummm nothing????

    just another boring meeting you are forced to attend to listen to the same drivel...

  • ozziepost

    This has proven to be a question where the response is overwhelming for one particular category i.e. BORED!!!

    Elders themselves do not exactly fall over themselves to deliver the talk. They find it a bit ho-hum in its content and know that it'll not be remembered by the R&F. The outline never really gives a speaker anything "to get his teeth into", so when it comes time for the elders to select who of their number should have the 'privilege' of delivering it, there is a tendency for the more experienced elders to sit back and let the newer elders put themselves forward for what they still see as a real sign of advancement. In time, they learn!

    As Xena has pointed out, it was very "samey". The congregations know that too, hence the attendances are never very high. If it were really special, like the Memorial, you'd expect differently.

    Thanks all for your responses. I always look forward to sharing your reminiscences.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    One thing I never understood about the "special talk"...

    What was so "special" about it?

    To me a talk was special when I felt refreshed, encouraged or motivated after it, but most of the time that had to do with the speaker's ability and not the material...

    Good speakers in the org are hard to find... and my prediction is that they'll get harder to find as more and more of the intelligent, thinking JW's leave the org.

    You can't keep a good man/woman down.

    Cheers DK

  • Princess

    B O R I N G Always a letdown, hoping this year it will actually be special...never was.

    I had forgotten about the "special talk" Ozzie. Thanks for the memories.

    I usually bought a new dress (modest of course) whenever there was something "special".

  • Vivamus

    5. Well, it WAS special, wasn't it?.....well, wasn't it?

  • Gopher

    (In the voice of the "Church Lady" from Saturday Night Live, aka Dana Carvey):

    Well, isn't that s-s-s-s-pecial? Doesn't it just make your naughty parts tingle?

  • greven

    10. Much ado about nothing. It was announced almost with a drumroll. Everybody would get excited, hoping for new light or some special stuff. But usually it would be the usual stuff by a more experienced speaker, meaning some humour and funny (but false) analogies. Special dissappointment would've been a better name.


  • ozziepost
    What was so "special" about it?

    Not the ones you and I heard, eh Dark Knight!!!

    Mind you, you never heard me give one.....did you????????

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • ozziepost

    On another thread, NikL has ventured this reason for the tag "Special" in Special Talk:

    I guess what makes it so special is that it is the same outline used in all congregations around the globe

    Good try NikL! HOWEVER...(don't ya love that bit of borgese!).. all Public Talks use the same outline in all the congregations around the globe.

    Still, there's no denying that the Borg thinks it's special!

    Cheers, Ozzie

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