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  • no-zombie

    For those who missed last weeks CLAM meeting, there was a video played that was amazing ... however not in good way.

    We are all aware how thousands of full time Bethelites world wide got the boot and put out onto the street. Some having giving most of their lives to the Organization, but often with no real way to support themselves other than to depend on the generosity of others. So when this video talked about how special it would be for those who could step up and become a Commuter Bethelite, it made me think how calculating the Governing Body must be. You see, they get rid of the full-timers to save money, saying that their jobs are gone due to downsizing, use of technology or whatever spin they used, and after a bit, effectively re-advertised their positions as unpaid (and unhoused) roles.

    While I've seen this sort of method used when large corporations restructure, but it was not nice seeing it being done here.

    Of courses, many may not much sympathy for these who got shafted, and to be honest I don't have a lot for them myself. But I thought that this video once again was a good example of how coldly the Governing Body really views people and their labour, while also demonstrating how short the memory the rank and file brotherhood has regarding what been happening during the 'simplification'.

    This being said, if I was an exbethelite siting the audience watching that video, it wouldn't have sat well. That's for sure.

  • ToesUp

    We know of some called "remote Bethelites." I guess it is the same thing, WT doesn't have to supply and pay for their housing, food, etc. It's a great gig for WT.

    I agree, WT is playing a shell game. Moving the pieces around so they don't look so obvious. Some see through it and others think that this is the way Jehovah (aka...the Watchtower) wants it.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Bethel hired McKinsey to review what efficiencies they could achieve. McKinsey analysed that all the costs of a volunteer added up to roughly $1000 a month (housing, clothing, heating, electricy, water, healthcare). Until then they saw volunteers as free. They then sent most home and now offer the ‘privilege’ of doing this all of nyour own dime. Really sick and twisted, loveless...At least in a ‘worldly’ company you get a severance package.

  • careful

    NZ: Thanks for the post.

    DS: Is this a rumor or do you have a reliable source you can share on the McKinsey consulting thing?

  • LongHairGal


    I would like to think that these ousted bethelites would have jobs by now, provided by brothers with businesses or connections.

    Nobody said it was easy having to support yourself in the ‘evil old world’, but that’s what I did. Yes, I had to make my way through it and now THEY have to.. Anyone who ever made callous remarks about responsible working people now knows how it feels. So, I’m not interested in them or any other JW who never wanted to be part of the workforce and just wanted to be ‘out in the ministry’. Well, good luck paying your bills.

    While I agree that the religion owes these people big time, there is NO way I would tolerate being asked for money for these guys. It’s just as well I’m out because it seems the JW experience now is just one big appeal for money.👎🏻 I’m surprised the kingdom halls aren’t used to distribute canned food to all those needy because of the religion!

  • Spiral

    Anyone who has worked in the "real world" in the last decade is very familiar with this scenario. In my profession, a lot of people got laid off in '08. Then, we all gradually got "hired" back (not really) as freelancers, paying our own taxes, health insurance, 401K, etc. The downturn was a great opportunity to save money in the long term for a lot of companies. Woohoo!

    What surprises me is that there appears to be (from what I hear) a lot of commuters, doing this for WT for free. Of course, they get a lot of positive feedback from their fellow JWs, but really, you would think they'd figure out after awhile that they are just being used.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Careful: heard this directly from a Dutch bethelite...not the conclusion, but that HQ had assigned McKinsey to review and that they analyzed what an in-house volunteer actually cost

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Don't mean to go off topic:

    This is the same video where Ralph Walls (GB helper) at the very beginning of the video says..."millions are streaming to God's organization today"...yah right!

    It's more like...'millions are getting the hell out of Jehovah's Witnesses today'!

    This Ralph Walls is the same dude who pretends to be a sex therapist on another video counseling Bethelite Sisters about the importance of suppressing their sex drives while at Bethel. I think that video has been coined the 'Pillow-Gate' video!🤣🤣🤣

  • dogisgod

    It was all over for me when they started "rebranding" THEN to sell of that property and dump people in the streets. "You will know them by their fruits" .

  • stillMS

    I was there this week - it was really absolutely hillarious!

    Not only the point with 'freelance' bethelites, but the host broda also said something like "We have 89 Bethels now, and we need more money to build more Bethels worldwide" - LMAO. I was just like "WTF!", is he serious? But I haven't noticed even one eyebrow raised at the KH then :)

    The video ended with 'Cheee-ee-ee-ze!" performance by free freelance Bethelites (or actors - who knows?).

    They're really crazy, their propaganda is so cheesy and straightforward - good for them that humans are that much prone to all sorts of crazy propaganda and BS.

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