Black penis and other subliminal messages on song book

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  • Mikejw

    I’m sure this has been covered in the past but there are a lot of videos appearing lately bringing this up again.

    This chap phoned bethel in London about it and as soon as he said song book the service desk said I’m hanging up now. They obviously know about it.

    So was there some PIMOs in the art department or was it more sinister and this organisation wanted to but pedo messages on the song book a bit like the demonic hand in the Rev book?

  • enoughisenough

    this was mentioned before about art being "channeled" -I think Marcus on youtube did the video. When the GB say they are God's "channel"-yeah, but which god? Why even use the word channel? Don't we associate it with spiritism? I think they are under demonic influance.

  • careful


    This notion of hidden images in WTS publications, and the reported exposure of them, goes back a while, to the 1980s. There was gossip then among R&F JWs about hidden or subliminal images in the artwork. In the late 80s an active Witness named Darek Barefoot (yes, first name spelled correctly) attempted to expose this matter secretly within the org, knowing he'd be shut down if he tried openly. He was from a respected multi-generation JW family. Eventually he was exposed by a fellow Witness coworker and his entire family was DFed, including members who had nothing to do with his attempts at exposure, for not reporting him and denouncing him.

    His story is published in his book JWs and the Hour of Darkness, 1992 red cover, revised ed. green cover, later the same year, now both out of print. There are plenty of examples of the images in his book. The issue of hidden images in the WTS artwork has been brought up in various posts on this forum from time to time since, with mainly reactions of "I can't see it," "this is hogwash," etc. though some here agree that the images are present.

    If they really are there, then the reasons behind them and the org's denial and defense of the people responsible for them becomes the resulting issue. Were the pics created by in-house artists and sneaked past blind overseers? Did the artists have the goods somehow on the Bethel heavies, so they were tolerated out of fear? On and on such conjectures can go.

    You can search yourself for these past posts on this site's search function. I don't know whether anyone has scanned Barefoot's book and made it available online or not.

    Hope this helps with some history.

  • careful

    I guess some copies of Darek Barefoot's book have become available again?

    Also, 2 years ago JWD member Corney provided this link to an academic review of the book. The author has corresponded with Barefoot, so at the end there is more info about him:

  • SydBarrett
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  • DesirousOfChange

    When there are so many examples it seems to go a bit beyond "coincidence". Probably a sad Bethelite who was dealing with sexual repression.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    It's not the first time the WT got nasty. They are just following Rusell's interpretation of "discreet".

    The WT CREATION BOOK of 1914 on page 257 shows a nude man sodomizing another nude man.



  • Mikejw

    Syd any explanation with your pictures? The first could be a hand on a Penis but I can’t work out the second picture?

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