Are you convinced what the Gospels say about Jesus is true?

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  • Fisherman

    Probably, the greatest advocacy for the Gospels is the JW publication: The Greatest Man that Ever Lived. It convinced me.

    Everything else that the Bible says about the resurrection and eternal life logically follows.

    The testimony of a “witness” in Court matters only if it is observation not commentary ( expert witness is also commentary): What did you see, What did you hear, What is the magnitude of your measurement. Not, are you convinced; that is only belief. Although evidence and testimony are convincing to the mind, one can only know for a fact by observation, experience and measurement. When studying the Gospels, a person can become convinced but to know anything at all, the person would need direct evidence from God—a taste to actually witness about.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I don't actually believe any of the miracles that supposedly took place.

    The same is also true of the OT miracles, talking donkey, resurrections, she bears on hand to deal with delinquent kids etc etc.


  • truth_b_known

    Using the above analogy I can provide the following information for your consideration -

    • "Eye-witness" testimony has been shown to be the most erroneous evidence at a trial. Two contributing factors are 1) point-of-view and 2) memory. Human memory has been shown to misremember or even invent information the memory holder swears to be true.

    What do we known about The Gospels -

    • The first Gospel believed to be written is The Book of Mark
    • The other Gospel books plagiarized Mark
    • The most erroneous Gospel being The Book of John which manufactured miracles and alleged divinity of Jesus
    • The Gospel authors are anonymous
    • Modern Bibles are erroneous copies of copies based on erroneous manuscripts that are dated centuries after the events contained in the books allegedly happened.
    • The Gospels were written between 66CE to 110CE
    • The Gospels were written 33 to 77 years after the events written about are alleged to have taken place

    Conclusion -

    The Gospels are a document written by anonymous sources 3 to 7 decades after the events that are alleged to have occurred. If this is your only evidence you do not hold truth or knowledge, but rather belief which is the same as faith. In other words you hold a venerated opinion.

    Fisherman, you are 100% correct. Knowledge comes only from personal experience.

  • a watcher
    a watcher


  • WTWizard

    Jesus: The biggest scam, lie, and hoax ever told. None of it is anything more than a tool to enslave the whole earth, using this character as the model.

  • Vidqun

    One needs to have read the Gospels for one to give an honest assessment of their contents: "For the ear itself makes a test of words, Just as the palate tastes when eating." (Job 34:3 NWT)

  • peacefulpete

    Ironically it was the greatest man book that broke the spell completely. I was conducting and we poured over the material and wt explanations. The glossing over contradictions and impossible attempts to harmonize sunk in.

  • waton

    The gospel assertions make only sense if the preceding bible account is true.

    Do we have scientific evidence of any of it, form Gen. 1:1, the earth is 13.8 billion years old to the talking snake, vegetarians all until the end of the flood, lapping above everest? If not, Consider that

    Death is not an enemy, but a gift you render to your offspring, a tool that the father uses to make life better, more evolved? The ransom is, to recognize that, and go gracefully? so,

    for that I am not convinced that the gospels are true. but there can be other evidences.

  • JeffT

    I read that book after I left the JW's. I threw it at the wall when I finished it, and don't think I've opened it since.

  • Vanderhoven7

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