COsmo's COrner: Household Hints, from soup to nuts

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Cosmo:

    I am beside myself with anger in livid color!

    My pet beavers, Leva and Tuu, have occupancy of the master bath, their aqueous home being the not small Roman tub. Being the literate and clever cleavers they are, Leva and Tuu went through my entire collection of ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST and HYDRAULICS FOR DAILY LIVING and conspired to render them into a dam spanning the estimable breadth of said Roman tub.

    What shall I do?


    Dear June,

    Send the Beavs to college. Get new magazines (back copies are pricey but eminently obtainable).

    Rather than allowing yourself to get bent all out of shape and giving these rascally rodents the business, I'd recommend that you should see the aqueous humour in this incident fraught with mandible mirth!

    Dam droll, but I do sympathize. No one touches my ADs!


  • compound complex

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