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  • WireRider

    That is a heck of a thing to say for all the money they have collected from unsuspecting hordes they have lied to and scared the shit out of with completely knowingly false prophecies of death and destruction and given so generously to the communities that they live in tax free (schools/fire/police/ambulance) and give so generously to their communities and the needy.

    Oh wait ...

  • WireRider
    When does the part about claims of "we are Christian because we act like Christ" come in?
  • brandnew

    @late bloomer....i believe anthony morris was in the military, then homeless, and taken in by someone....then pioneering n stuff....

    I dont think he got an honorable discharge like some of US......but damn.....what a loser.

  • brandnew
    They sacrifice innocent peoples lives with the bullshit blood doctrine,....that good enough for ya?😩
  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Yes, but you're all forgetting that they are "jesus brothers" and "gods channel" here on earth today!

    So they deserve to be treated like royalty. It prepares them for their future ruling roll in heaven......

  • moomanchu
    GB would you mind getting some soap and water and get on your knees and wash my feet?
  • Vidiot

    Is it just me, or are XJWs hating the GB more and more these days?

    (Not judging; I'm finding it harder and harder not to, myself)

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